Double Major, Triple Major or Two Degree Plan of Study

To begin the process of creating your specific plan of study, it is recommended that you begin by printing the lists of complete requirements, for each of the majors you are interested in pursuing, from the appropriate majors’ tabs on the Excel document provided below.  Use those sheets, listing complete course requirements for each individual major, in your discussions with your advisor and the appropriate department chairs to determine exactly which courses must be taken, especially for the second major, and to determine where there may be some overlap, course substitutions, etc.  Later, these completed Requirements by Major lists will be included in the your completed plan of study which will be submitted to the Curriculum Committee.

Double Major, Triple Major or Two Degree Plan of Study Form (2013-2014 catalog requirements)
Double Major, Triple Major or Two Degree Plan of Study Form (2014-2015 catalog requirements)

The Excel document includes: 

  • Tab 1: Overview and Instructions – general information pertaining to creating the plan of study
  • Tabs 2 and 3: Cover pages for either Double Major or Two Degree which you will need to use for required signatures prior to submission of the plan of study. A Triple Major cover page is on the last tab of the spreadsheet.
  • Tab 4: A Template for Program By Quarter to list courses to be taken each term
  • Remaining Tabs: Provide complete requirements for each individual major; select the appropriate sheets for your desired 1st major and 2nd major


Upon completion, your submitted Plan of Study must include all of the following: 

  • The appropriate Cover Page completed with all required signatures.
  • The Requirements by Major pages for each of your majors (on those that are not the primary major, note only which courses will be taken).
  • The program by quarter detail page(s).