How to Install PyCreate

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology -
Computer Science & Software Engineering


Follow these instructions to install the software you will use to control the Create robots in Python.

You should already have Python installed, including Pywin and Pyserial.

Install Required Libraries and PyCreate

  1. Install zellegraphics and PyCreate by unzipping this file and placing the contents of its putInSitePackages folder (NOT the folder itself!) into the folder C:\Program Files\Python32\Lib\site-packages. Note that 'Lib' is capitalized- there are two 'lib' folders in the file.
  2. To double-check, confirm that (along with the other folders and files) ends up immediately below site-packages, and NOT in a putInSitePackages folder.

Verify your installation

  1. Launch IDLE by clicking Start → All Programs → Python 3.2 → IDLE (Python GUI)
  2. At the prompt, type:
    from create import *
  3. If you do not get an error message, then the installation was successful.