How to Install Python

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology –
Computer Science & Software Engineering


Follow these directions to download Python and configure it on Windows.

Installing Python 3.2

The 2011-2012 freshmen laptops came with Python 3.2. If you need to install it,
  1. Logon as an administrator (e.g., localmgr).
  2. If you have 32-bit Windows, download this  local copy of the Python 3.2 Windows installer. (Using the local copy avoids using up your student bandwidth quota. But if you are installing from off-campus, you can visit and select the Python 3.2 Windows installer.)
    1. For 64 bit Windows, use this Python 3.2 installer
  3. Run the installer, installing it in C:\Program Files\Python32\ (vs. the default, which is C:\Python32 ). The other defaults are fine to use.
  4. For 64-bit Windows 7, the file should be placed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Python32.

  1. Change the directory that the Python development environment, IDLE, starts in when loading and saving files. (By default it looks for and saves files in the program directory.)
    1. Log into your user account.
    2. Click on Start → All Programs → Python 3.2
    3. Right-click on IDLE (Python GUI) and choose Properties
    4. Set the Start in: location to C:\EclipseWorkspaces\csse120 
    5. Installing Pyserial and Pywin

       Run this to install Pyserial. The installation should automatically notice the Python32 folder created by installing python.
      Note: you may need to right-click and choose 'Run as Administrator' for this to work.

      Next, run this to install pywin32. Again, it should notice the Python32 folder, and may need to be run with administrator permission.

      Installing the Zelle Graphics Library

      Students enrolled in CSSE120 will be using the Zelle Graphics library extensively. Follow these directions to install it.

      Installing PyCreate for Robotics

      Students enrolled in CSSE120R (Robotics sections only) will also be using the PyCreate library and Bluetooth to transmit commands to the robots. Follow these directions to install PyCreate.