Milestone 5

1. Component Integration and Datapath Testing

It is very important to have a well-planned approach to testing and verification, especially for the datapath. A systematic integration and testing plan will save you untold hours.

At this point your components should be implemented and tested, and you should be well into the integration test plan you created in Milestone 3. For this milestone, finish executing your integration test plan, including implementing, testing and debugging the control unit designed in Milestone 4.

System Testing:

After completing the unit and integration tests, it is time to develop a system test. This is a set of tests that you will run on your fully assembled datapath to verify that it is implemented correctly and matches the description the design document. A basic first system test might be to run individual instructions through the datapath. If this is successful, small programs could be tested, followed by larger programs.

Create and execute a test plan for your fully assembled datapath.

2. Turning in M5

For this milestone, submit the following:

Milestone 5
  1. The design document that is updated to include the following:
  1. A complete hardware implementation:
  1. An updated design process journal.

  2. An updated individual itemized log of each member's work for the week and an estimated work time for each item. Each member is responsible for their own log.

Your (updated) design document and (updated) design process journals should be placed in the Design directory of your team's repository.

Your electronic implementation should be placed in the Implementation directory of your team's repository.

The names of your design document and design process journal should not change.