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  1. (20 points) Below is a snippet from a Checkers game program in C.

    void setKing(int row, int col, int isKing)
      int* rowAddr = getRowAddr(row); //returns the memory address of row
      rowAddr[col] = isKing;

    Fill in the missing portions of the setKing function below, adhering to the RISC-V procedure call conventions. You should assume setKing is called according to RISC-V convention. Do not implement getRowAddr, assume it is already implemented following the conventions. You are encouraged to use register names (e.g. t0) instead of register ids (e.g. x5) in this code.

    setKing:   #entry point to setKing procedure
    jal ra, getRowAddr  #call to getRowAddr
    jalr    x0, 0(ra)   #return form setKing