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HW14 solution

  1. (30 points) We wish to add a variant of the lw (load word) instruction, which increments the index register after loading the word from memory. This instruction (l_inc) corresponds to the following two instructions:

    lw   $rt, L($rs)
    addi $rs, $rs, 4

    Modify the multi-cycle datapath to support the new instruction. Write the RTL for the new instruction below. Then, use the modify the attached multi-cycle datapath and control unit state diagrams. Your changes should be as minimal as possible.

The fastest and still minimal RTL is:

The datapath needs a new signal from IR[25-21] going into the RegDst mux. The control unit needs all RegDst signals updated to 2 bits, with a 0 MSB for all old signals and 10 allowing IR[25-21] to be the destination.

The control states are then:

Add your RTL to the table.

Modify this datapath for your instruction.

Add the control for your instruction.