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HW13 solution

(20 points) We wish to add a variant of the lw (load word) instruction, which increments the index register after loading the word from memory. This instruction (l_inc) corresponds to the following two instructions:

lw   $rt, L($rs)
addi $rs, $rs, 4

Add any necessary datapaths and control signals to the single-cycle datapath of Figure 4.17 on page 265 and show the necessary additions to Figure 4.18 on page 266.

  1. Write the RTL for this new instruction. It may be helpful to review the RTL on the course website.

The RTL for this instruction might look something like:

PC = PC+4
inst = Mem[PC]
a = Reg[ inst[15-11] ]
i = a + 4
m = a + SE( inst[15-0] )
r = Mem[ m ]
Reg[ inst[25-21] ] = r
Reg[ inst[20-16] ] = i
  1. Adjust the datapth figure (attached) to execute your RTL.

The best solution to this problem is to add a new write capabilities to the register file. The new register file will have a new write address port (5 bits) and a new write data port (32 bits).

This necessitates a new RegWrite signal, so we will have RegWrite1 for the normal data and RegWrite2 for the new ports. This control signal should only be enabled for the new l_inc instruction.

Additionally, a new adder must be added to support the increment by 4 operation. This adder takes as input the output of the register file's first read port and a constant 4. The output is routed to the new write data port on the register file. Finally, the wires for rs (inst[25-21]) need to routed to the register file's new write address port.

  1. Provide an updated set of control signals for the new instruction.
Instruction name RegDst ALUSrc ALUOp MemtoReg RegWrite MemRead MemWrite Branch RegWrite2
l_inc 0 1 00 1 1 1 0 0 1

Modify this figure for your instruction.