Milestone 8: Final report

1. Final Project Report

The final project report should be submitted in pdf format and consist of the following components:

  1. Cover page, include team name, architecture name (if any), team number and names of all team-members
  2. Table of contents, include section and sub-section numbers with page numbers
  3. Brief introduction to the processor
  4. A more detailed overview of your instruction set design, your implementation, your final model, your testing methodology, and any final comments on the design
  5. Description of your project's unique features. For example:
    • Robustness of your HW/SW tests
    • Capabilities of your assembler/SW tools
    • Function of kernel/system code
  6. Descriptions of "extra" features of your project. You should include examples of how to run these features (if appropriate). You should also ensure that a full set of robust instructions is included in your repository. Examples:
    • Assembler
    • Compiler
    • Simulator
    • Interrupt/Exception support
    • FPGA support
  7. Conclusion
  8. An appendix of your complete design documentation.
  9. An appendix of your design process journal(s)
  10. Any useful test results collected
  11. Any other appendices needed to support your document

Your report will be graded based on content, layout, and clarity. Be sure to replace any hand drawn diagrams with computer designed versions. Your final design report should be placed in the FinalReport directory of your team's repository.

As an example of a professional report on a processor you can reference the data sheet for the MIPS R4300i processor.

Additionally, below are some examples of project reports from previous CSSE232 groups. Note that these reports are not perfect, you do not need to copy them exactly, they are merely provided as models. Note that some parts of these have been removed to keep them anonymous.

  1. Example report 1
  2. Example report 2