Milestone 7: Final Presentation

1. Final Project Presentation

1. General requirements:

  1. The duration the presentation should be about 12 minutes. Total time allowed between start of one presentation and the start of the next: 20 minutes.
  2. Every member of the team must be present for the presentation and also participate by presenting some part of the presentation.
  3. Dress appropriately.
  4. Prepare a professional presentation. You may wish to use PowerPoint or other similar tools. Practice your presentation at least once.
  5. Your presentation will be evaluated by your classmates attending your presentation. The instructors will provide the evaluation criteria.

2. Content:

  1. Remember that your audience is familiar with computer architecture design principles and with the project specifications. Keep this in mind when deciding what to include in your presentation.

  2. You should describe the principle design aspects of your processor. For example,

    • Overall architecture
    • Instruction set
    • RTL
    • Final datapath
    • Your approach to testing (this does NOT mean to describe every unit test or step of your integration plan, talk about key ideas or insights you gained from testing)
    • Any thing else that will help the audience understand your design

    This list does not mean you HAVE to include all things on it, you should have some focus to your presentation based on what was important in your design.

    You should probably have extra slides with all parts of your design available to answer questions.

  3. Highlight the unique aspects of your design.

  4. Show some snippets of non-trivial code written in your assembly language.

  5. Discuss changes that you would like to make to your design.

  6. Discuss the aspects of the design that your team found most challenging and interesting.

  7. Present the performance data collected in Milestone 6. Ensure that your project is implemented targeting the appropriate FPGA board (check the settings in Lab 4) before you collect the performance data.

  8. Discuss any unique problems and adventures during your design and implementation process.

A copy of your presentation materials should be placed in the FinalPresentation directory of your team's repository.