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The Wabash Valley Local Section American Chemical Society Undergraduate Research Conference is scheduled for
Wednesday, October 31, 2018
at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. The meeting is designed as a forum for undergraduate students who have performed research to share the results of their work with fellow students and faculty from Mid-West region universities. We plan to have both oral talks and poster presentations. We plan to have awards for the best presentation.

Symposium Schedule
Kahn Room, Mussallem Union

8:15 – 10:00 AM  Oral Presentations: Session I
Determining Thermodynamic Properties of Riboswitch-ligand Binding using Isothermal Titration Calorimetry and Fluorescence Spectroscopy
    Madison Muncie* and Mark E. Brandt

Characterizing Microplastic Degradation and Degradation Compounds in Simulated Marine Environments

    Xiaoxiao Wang* and Heather Chenette

Investigation on Catalytic Coupling of Epoxides and Dry Ice under Mild Conditions

    Zhen (Carmen) Ni* and Stephanie J. Poland

Sodium Bicarbonate as a Fungicide
    Madison Muncie

Investigating the Growth and Dispersal of P. fluorescens M3A in/from Model Sinks
    Alexander Lacrampe* and Jennifer O’Connor

Claisen/Dieckmann Condensation of Diethyl Succinate
    Rachel L. Shubella*, Rebecca B. DeVasher, and Mark E. Brandt

Investigation of the Degradation of Methylammonium Lead Triiodide Perovskite Films for use in Photovoltaics
    Anna Braun* and Rebecca B. DeVasher

Poster Session I 10:00 – 11:30 AM
Proof of a Construction of Odd Order Magic Cubes
    Joshua Arroyo

Games of Best Choice with Weights
    Madeline Crews*, Brant Jones, Kaitlyn Myers, Laura Taalman, Michael Urbanski, and Breeann Wilson

Investigating the Removal of Stormwater Pollutants in Small-Scale, Constructed Treatment Wetlands
    Katlyn Edwards* and Michelle Marincel Payne

Selective Attention and Identifications of Arithmetic Incongruences in Mixed Visual and Auditory Tasks
    D.H. Hughes*, S.J. Panzenhagen, C.L. Shen, M.N. Baker, B. Clark, and A.W.L. Chiu

Design, Fabrication, and Characterization of a Disordered, One-Dimensional, Broadband Photonic Bandgap Structure
    Gavin La Rue*, Azad Siahmakoun, and Hussein Alisafaee

Baking a Cake with Mathematics
    Hannah Levine* and David Finn

Development of a Foot Interface to Control Supernumerary Robotics Limbs
    Emma Morris* and Ryder Winck

Development of Heterogeneous Cobalt Catalysts for Teaching Kinetics and Mass Transfer
    Zachary R. Watson*, Joseph M. Veglak*, and Gregory T. Neumann

11:45 AM            
External Speaker
Lauren Gutgesell
University of Illinois, Chicago
Profiling and Overcoming Resistance in Breast Cancer

Poster Session II 1:00 – 2:30 PM
Evaluating Methods for Purifying and Assessing Drug-Binding Affinity of Estrogen Receptor Mutants
    Jon-Michael Beasley* and Mark E. Brandt

Hormone Therapy
    Ezra Brunner

Neonicotinoids in Bees
    Collin Diedrich*

Formation of Porphyrin Nanowires via β-Cyclodextrin-Adamantane Host-Guest Binding
    Logan Fenimore*, Noah Beltrami, Janarthanan Jayawickramarajah

Predicting the Stability of Profiling Signals of Small RNAs

    Qiuyun Li* and Manda Riehl

Utilizing a Monte Carlo Model to Analyze Faceted Uranium Nitride Kernel Density
    Lucas Mihlbachler* and Jake McMurray

A Toxicological Study of Chemicals in E-Cigarettes
    Hunter Schoenborn

Limitations Presented by Thermo-responsive Degradable PLA-PEG-PLA-diac Based Hydrogels for use as Drug Delivery Vehicles.
    Emily VanHavel*, Bryly Shipman*, Geeya Patel, Jennifer Kang-Mieler, and Emily Dosmar

Analysis of Carbohydrates, Dicarboxylic Acids and Fatty Acids from Fermentation Broth by HPLC-DAD and HPLC-RID
    Xin Tang*, Irene M. Reizman, and Gregory T. Neumann

What Makes Cannabinol So Special
    Braden Timberman*

Metal Organic Framework (MOF) Synthesis for Water Harvesting
    Qishun Yu*, Rebecca Bercich, and Gregory Neumann

2:30 – 5:00 PM  Oral Presentations: Session II
A Comparative Ecological Survey of the Tres Brazos Amphibian Species
    Melanie Foreman* and Ryan King

Formation of Porphyrin Nanowires via β-Cyclodextrin-Adamantane Host-Guest Binding
    Logan Fenimore*, Noah Beltrami, Janarthanan Jayawickramarajah

Case Study of the Genus Ephedra Over Time
    Elliott Tong* and Rebecca B. DeVasher

Toxicological Effects of Cisplatin, Paclitaxel, and their Metabolites
    Hannah Rowe*

Phthalates and Potential Toxic Effects on Humans
    J. Blake McLemore* and Rebecca B. DeVasher

Ecotoxicity of Nanoparticles
    Taylor Secrest

Peltier Freezing Apparatus
    Taylor Secrest* and Luanne Tilstra

MEMS Based Beam Steering for Holographic LIDAR Systems
    Cameron Perl*, Brandon Hellman, Joshua Rodriguez, and Yuzuru Takashima

Determining the Nature of Galactic Center Radio Source N3
    R.A. Dunnagan*, D.A. Ludovici, K.M. Colledge*, N.O. Butterfield, C.C. Lang, A.G. Ginsburg, R.L. Mutel, M.R. Morris, N. Jones, and D. Pare


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The symposium will be held in the Kahn Room of the Mussallem Student Union.

Program Directors

      Mark Brandt, Ph.D.
      Moench FL-109 (x8406)
      Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
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      David Finn, Ph.D.
      Moench BL-106
      Department of Mathematics

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