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Making Connections

Hi there! I’m Nate Moore, another of your friendly TEDxRoseHulman event organizers. I wanted to talk a little bit about the spirit of TEDxRoseHulman – what we’re trying to accomplish.
If you’re familiar with Rose-Hulman at all, you know we do a great job training engineers. We consistently top the rankings for the quality of the STEM education we offer.
We produce great engineers – but do we produce great leaders?

Good leadership requires mental flexibility – the ability to make connections across far-flung fields, connections that change the way we think about a problem. We hope TEDxRoseHulman helps students make those connections. Listening to several speakers from many distinct backgrounds will give you a new perspective on what you can do as an engineer.

Maybe I can explain this best with an example. TEDMED was held last year in Washington, DC with a similar goal – to bring together a diversity of opinion on the subject of healthcare. One of the talks I liked best was by Robert Gupta. In “Does beauty have the power to heal?”, he manages to successfully combine neurology, the treatment of mental illness, and violin playing – talk about making connections!

See you at TEDxRoseHulman!