MACH 2017 FAQ's

Q:  Can I register more than one person on the electronic form?

A:  Unfortunately, no. We have looked into it and it cannot be done at this time.

Q:  When should I make my plane reservations for?

A:  Plan to arrive the evening before the first day and leave no sooner than 7:00PM on the last day (flight time).

Q:  Can I leave the workshop early?  Can I take a day off?

A:  We strongly recommend committing to the entire workshop experience.  The experiences we facilitate weave key themes throughout the workshop.  Missing a significant portion of these experiences will limit your gains in these areas.

Q:  I can't attend this year - can you send me the workshop materials? 

A:  The workshop materials are a loose guide to the experiences we facilitate.  The most significant aspect of the workshop is applying the strategies we practice in person to your own scenarios.  The workshop materials just don't hold this same ability to translate learing.  If you can't attend, we recommend reviewing our suggested readings. 

Q:  What are my responsibilities if I'm awarded a NSF-sponsored position?

A:  Attend the entire workshop, submit a short report of your experience, and participate in the follow-up surveys and email contacts with the MACH team.

Q:  Are consultation appointments available?

A:  Absolutely - if you have a particularly challenging aspect of your change project, you can meet one-on-one with a workshop facilitator during lunch, or in the evening.  We have additional resources and strategies that may help you.