Laptop Policy

Rose-Hulman Laptop Program Implementation and Policy Details

This document describes the Rose-Hulman laptop program with respect to its implementation and policy issues, including purchase, finance, maintenance, and insurance details.

All students are required to read and to be familiar with this document and the Institute's POLICY FOR RESPONSIBLE USE OF ROSE-HULMAN COMPUTING FACILITIES. See Exhibit 1 for a list of useful resources, including the web link (URL) for this document.


Since the Fall Quarter of 1995, all entering undergraduate students have been required to purchase a laptop computer of the type specified by the Institute for the year they enter. Only the laptop computer designated by the Institute will satisfy this requirement.

The Laptop Bundle

A committee composed of faculty, staff and students determines the functional requirements for the Institute-required laptop computer, evaluates alternatives, and selects one system for all undergraduate students entering Rose-Hulman for the first time during an academic year. This computer is chosen to ensure compatibility with the campus computing environment, classroom and laboratory equipment and academic program requirements. Because each class of students has the identical computing platform, the Institute can provide a higher level of support for classroom integration, maintenance, software compatibility, network connectivity and user services. The level of support that we believe students require cannot be provided if members of the entering class use a variety of computing platforms.

The term Laptop Bundle used throughout this document and on the Order Forms refers to the combination of hardware and software that is required of all enrolled undergraduate students by the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. Exhibit 2 lists the hardware and software included in the current Laptop Bundle.

HARDWARE: - The laptop computer selected each year by the Institute is intended to provide the capabilities required by most students for their academic and personal use. Once students arrive on campus and receive their new laptop computer, they may decide to purchase upgrades or peripheral devices. Note that the vendor from whom these items are purchased is responsible for providing all warranty or maintenance service; Rose-Hulman will not service or supply any upgrades.

SOFTWARE: - In addition to the laptop computer noted above, a suite of academic and utility software is licensed for student use; please see Exhibit 2 for an up-to-date list. The suite includes applications that are required for courses and laboratories, plus additional software that can enhance the computing environment. Most of the Institute-licensed software is available via the network and can be installed at any time by the student. It is the individual student's responsibility to backup software on their hard disk drives. The laptop computer includes an optical drive with read/write functionality that can be used to backup important data. Details and assistance are available from the Help Desk.

It is also the individual student's responsibility to load and configure any software not provided by Rose-Hulman. Students must be careful when installing such additional software not to make changes that disable or alter the functionality of the required academic software. Anti-virus software is included in the software suite and is configured to scan files as they are installed or copied to the computer; this functionality should not be disabled due to the prevalence of computer worms and viruses. A fee may be charged if the system image (basic operating system and utility software) must be restored because a student has failed to properly install or configure additional software or to adequately check for viruses.

UNAUTHORIZED COPYING OF SOFTWARE is a violation of the Institute policy for responsible computer use. It is also illegal as software is protected by copyright law. With the exception of the user's right to make a backup copy, the U.S. Copyright Code states that "it is illegal to make or distribute copies of copyrighted material without authorization." Unauthorized duplication is a Federal crime for which fines up to $100,000 and jail terms of up to five years can be assessed. It makes no difference whether or not the duplication and distribution are done for profit.

Students may be required to provide proof that they have purchased software loaded on their computers.

The Institute policy for responsible computer use is available on the Rose-Hulman website. It lists the guidelines that all users are expected to honor when using the Institute computing and network resources. Violations of this policy can lead to disciplinary action by Rose-Hulman, loss of the right to use the Institute's computing services, or legal action. Students should carefully read this policy.

Eligibility to Purchase

Our agreement with the vendor limits purchases at the Rose-Hulman price schedule to:

  • Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at Rose-Hulman
  • Rose-Hulman faculty and staff
  • Members of the Rose-Hulman Board of Trustees
  • Members of the various advisory and special interest boards of Rose-Hulman

Any member of one of the groups listed above that intends to purchase the Institute laptop computer must sign a letter confirming their relationship with Rose-Hulman. No individual will be allowed to purchase more than one laptop computer per academic year at the Institute price. Licensing agreements make it impossible to provide the software suite to individuals who are not students or employees of Rose-Hulman.


The Technical Services Center provides maintenance service, both warranty and non-warranty, on student laptop computers. Only the system configured as originally ordered is covered under the warranty. For undergraduate students entering Rose-Hulman for the first time, the cost of the four-year warranty is included regardless of the payment option chosen. The warranty excludes damage due to:

  1. Accident
  2. Unreasonable use, abuse, neglect, or alterations
  3. Improper service, installation, and/or connection to peripherals
  4. Other causes not arising out of defects in materials or workmanship
  5. Any service or repair provided outside the scope of the limited warranty
  6. Damage to or loss of any programs, data, or removable storage media, whether it occurs during warranty repair or other repair service
  7. Software programs contained in or provided with equipment and warranted in accordance with the applicable software license agreement

Note that batteries are perishable items that only carry a one year warranty.

Students should pay special attention to item 5 above. Any attempt by students to dismantle or repair the laptop computer or to install modifications themselves will invalidate the manufacturer's warranty and the maintenance agreement. Repairs required for any of the reasons above may result in charges by the vendor and/or Rose-Hulman. However, part of the cost of repairing damage due to some of the causes listed above may be covered by the Rose-Hulman laptop insurance policy, please see the INSURANCE section below for more details.

External hardware options and internal features that are not part of the student's original order are not covered by this maintenance agreement. Maintenance and repair of such equipment is the responsibility of the vendor from whom it is purchased.

In many instances, repairs can be accomplished by the on-campus service technicians. When the local technicians cannot repair the laptop computer it will be returned to the vendor, who averages a 72-hour turnaround time (8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays) excluding shipping. Shipping time and/or weekends may add three to five days to the total time needed to return a repaired laptop to the student. The Technical Services Center has a limited number of similar laptop computers that can be loaned to the student while repairs are being made. However, we cannot guarantee that a loaner laptop will always be available.


You must return the loaner laptop within 24 hours of being notified that your laptop computer has been repaired. This is to ensure that loaner laptops are available for other students who need them. If you fail to return the laptop in this period, you could be charged a rental fee of $20 per day.

Please note that this insurance includes a significant deductible amount that must be paid by the student. Therefore, it is important for students to take good care of their computers. See the following paragraph for more details about the insurance plan.


The best insurance is to take care of your laptop. Your academic performance depends on it. To prevent damage, do not move the laptop while it is on, be sure to plug and unplug accessories carefully, and do not drink any beverages near the laptop. To prevent theft or loss, lock your residence hall room or apartment when you leave. Do not leave your laptop in a building, classroom, lobby or car. Always know where your laptop is! Above all, take your computer home over breaks or ask the Help Desk to store it for you.

Rose-Hulman requires all students to have the laptop insurance selected by the Institute. The cost is a part of the academic technology fee billed quarterly to each student.

The Rose-Hulman insurance policy covers only the cost of the laptop computer and any upgrades paid for with the initial order. Options or upgrades that students subsequently add are not covered. Students are required to file a written claim with the Laptop Services manager and in the event of theft, the proper law enforcement authorities, if their laptop computer is lost or stolen. Claims related to theft must be reported within 30 days of the theft and a police report must be included with the documentation. Students are reminded that the act of filing a false police report or false insurance claim is a felony. Students whose laptop computer has been damaged beyond repair must return the damaged laptop before a new one is issued.

The current insurance policy includes a $250 deductible for damage claims and $750 deductible for loss and theft claims. These deductibles are subject to change. The deductible must be paid by the student before the laptop is repaired or replaced. In the event a student exceeds two loss and/or theft claims, there will be no payment made by Rose-Hulman and/or its insurer for replacement of the laptop after the second theft or loss claim. The student will be responsible for replacing the laptop at their own expense and all payments due thereunder by the student will continue to be due. Finance payments, if applicable, still apply and will continue on the replaced laptop. The student is obligated to complete payments on the remaining loan balance for the lost or stolen laptop.

Rose-Hulman reserves the right to alter the conditions of the insurance policy from year to year depending on the history of theft and damage claims filed by Rose-Hulman students. Changes to the policy or increases in rates and/or deductibles will be listed on the Rose-Hulman website.

Financial Aid Information

The cost of the required Laptop Bundle, which includes the laptop computer, the four-year warranty and the use of the software suite, will be added to any financial aid application to determine eligibility for need-based and non-need-based student aid programs and unsubsidized parent loans.


Three different options are available when ordering your laptop. You should select and complete the option appropriate for your method of payment, i.e. complete only one of the following Pay by Check or Credit Card, Apply for a Laptop Loan, or Online using credit card or bank account. Log into Banner Web to initiate your order. Log in with your student ID number and your PIN. Under the 'Student and Financial Aid' tab select 'Order Student Laptop'.

To start, read the Policy for Responsible Use of Computing Facilities and the Laptop Computer Policies. If you have read and understand these policies check the box next to 'I have read, understand and agree to abide by these policies' then select Next. If you received a scholarship that is paying for your laptop you will not have any options on payment method.

Instructions for completing each of the forms are listed below.

  1. Pay by Check or Credit Card
    1. Select the radio button next to Pay by Check or Credit Card
    2. Verify Recipient information then click 'Order' button
    3. Follow the 'Print Laptop Invoice' link
    4. Print the invoice and mail payment with invoice to address listed. If you need to reprint the invoice you will be able to log back in later and have the option to go to 'Print Laptop Invoice'
  2. Apply for a Laptop Loan
    1. Select the radio button next to Student Alternative or Parent Plus to apply for a Laptop Loan
    2. Verify Recipient information then click 'Order' button
    3. This will start the loan application.
  3. Online via PayPal
    1. Select the radio button next to Online using credit card or bank account (via PayPal)
    2. Verify Recipient information then click 'PayPal - click here to pay'
    3. You will be taken to PayPal's website to complete payment

The appropriate Laptop Bundle order should be completed promptly so that it can be processed by Rose-Hulman.

Orientation Sessions for the Laptop Computer

A series of orientation sessions have been planned to introduce students to their new laptop computer, the available software suite, and the Rose-Hulman computing environment. These sessions are designed to impart the basic skills necessary to begin class work with the laptops and to introduce students to the ethics of responsible computer use. For the majority of new students, these sessions are planned as part of the Orientation Week that precedes the start of Fall classes. For students enrolled in Fast Track Calculus, arrangements have been made to offer the orientation session at the start of Fast Track Calculus. Students will be given a schedule of times and locations for the sessions they are to attend when they arrive on campus.

Distribution of Laptop Computers

The laptop computer and software purchased will be distributed at the computer orientation sessions described above. For students following the normal schedule, the computer will be located in the rooms to which they have been assigned for their first orientation session. Similar arrangements have been made for students enrolled in Fast Track Calculus. Logistics do not permit students to pick up their laptop computer before the scheduled orientation session.

Each student is required to have positive identification (e.g., a Rose-Hulman ID, a driver's license with the student's photo, etc.) at the computer orientation session before receiving their laptop computer.

Exhibit 1


  2. Laptop Information Page
  3. Freshman Information Page
  4. Technical Services Center Help Desk
    1. Email:
    2. Phone: (812)877-8989
  5. Financial Aid Office
    1. Email:
    2. Phone: (812)877-8259
  6. Admissions Office
    1. Email:
    2. Phone: (812)877-8941

Exhibit 2

Hardware and Software Included in the 2010-2011 Academic Year Laptop Bundle

  • Lenovo ThinkPad W510
  • Intel Quad Core i7 720QM processor (1.6GHz)
  • 4 GB DDR3 1067MHz(2 modules)
  • 160 GB 7200 RPM hard disk drive
  • nVidia FX880M w/ 1GB Video RAM
  • 15.6-inch FHD 1920*1080 Multi-Touch LCD
  • DVD +/- RW Multi Recorder OpticalDrive
  • DualPoint (TouchPad and PointStick)
  • Integrated Gigabit NIC
  • Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6300(3x3 a/g/n)
  • Integrated Blue Tooth module
  • USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports
  • 9-cell Lithium-Ion primary battery
  • 4-year warranty with Accidental Damage Protection
  • Microsoft optical mouse
  • Carrying case

Licenses on software are subject to change. If you are unsure or have any questions please call the Help Desk (812-877-8989).