Internships Abroad

In addition to studying abroad, students have the opportunity to work abroad. Today, more engineers and scientist work with collogues from all over the world. Firsthand experience allows for students not only to gain work experience, but gain a deeper understanding of working in a global department. The Office of Global Programs is happy to assist students in applying and preparing for their internships.

Top 10 Reasons to Internship AbroadStockholm

1. Make your resume stand out.

More and more companies today are competing in a global environment that requires people to have the skills to do business in many different cultures.

2. Discover a new country.

Even when working abroad there is still down time. Using this time to discover a new country will lead to a deeper understanding of culture and make it easier to work in a global environment.

3. Create a global network.

More Americans are going abroad to work and study. A network of colleagues throughout the world can make the transition to another country easier, as well as lead to new opportunities.

4. Improve language skills or learn a new language.

Sometimes speaking more than English is required to get a job with the company that you want. Many companies have branches worldwide and look for candidates that speak another language.

5. Improve “soft skills”

Working in another country will help improve many of you communication and social skills. No two cultures are exactly alike. Each has its own way of doing things and it is important that you learn to adapt to these differences and are able to work effectively.

Oktoberfest Nobier6. Gain confidence

After working in a different place surrounded by people who act and speak differently than you, you will gain a new found confidence. It will show you all the ways that you can learn from those around you, and what you can teach them.

7. Develop a global perspective and understanding

By interning abroad you learn about a country. We all have our views of what we think a country is like, but very rarely is our understanding of that culture 100 percent accurate. 

8. Learn about yourself

By changing your environment and going someplace where no one knows you, you may be better able to understand who you truly are. You may be able to understand how you react and deal with different situations.

9. Learn about what it means to be an “American”

When you go to another you learn about understand what people of that country know and think about your country. Many other countries have this idea about what Americans are like, and these are not always accurate. This will truly be an exchange as you learn from them and they learn from you.

10. Work experience

As with any internship, you will gain work experience that will help you with your future job. By doing an internship abroad, you also learn how to work with others from different cultures and learn to work through language barriers.