Rose-Hulman Recycles

Recycling Center

The recycling center is located east of the facilities building.

Facilities Operations encourages students, faculty and staff to recycle on a regular basis.  Classrooms, offices, commons areas, dorms, and the Recycle Center provide recycle containers for your convenience.

How to Recycle

Recyclables may be taken directly to the Recycle Center or you may use any of the totes and containers placed around campus.

  • Small recycle containers in buildings: Place plastic, paper, and aluminum cans directly into containers
  • Large (85 gallon) blue or green recycle totes: 
    • Please bag recyclables prior to placing in totes
    • Please do not overfill bags.
  • Silver aluminum bin at the Recycle Center is for corrugated cardboard. 
    • Place cardboard boxes directly inside.
    • Please bag smaller pieces of cardboard.

For questions or special requests contact: 

Susan Reynolds, Manager of Support Services

What we recycle

  • Paper: Office paper, magazines, newspaper, telephone books, cardstock, brochures, junk paper, computer paper, file folders, food and product packaging without any wax coating.  Paper must be kept dry.
  • Aluminum & Steel Cans: Steel, bimetal, and aluminum cans. Please rinse and remove lids
  • Plastics #1—# 7: Check bottom of item for the number.
    • Milk, water, juice, and soda bottles.
    • Microwavable plastic food containers.  Please rinse.  Plastic bags such as Kroger or Wal-Mart store bags.
  • Corrugated Boxes and Paperboard:
    • Remove any Styrofoam or liners from boxes.
  • E-Scrap:  Computers, calculators, DVD players, radios, clocks, cell phones, game systems, computer boards, computer mice, telephones. 
    • Contact Jake Campbell, (812) 877-8124, for more information on E-Scrap

What we DON'T recycle

  • Glass
  • Aerosol cans
  • Waxed paper or waxed juice containers
  • Paper towels or tissue
  • Peanut packing or Styrofoam
  • Motor oil or anti-freeze bottles
  • Plastic wrapping/packaging, straws
  • TV's (except with approval from Facilities Operations)

Other recycle resources in Terre Haute:

Goodwill Industries
TV's and other materials
2702 S. Third Street
Terre Haute, IN 47802

ISU Recycling Center
Glass and other materials
447 N. Ninth Street
Terre Haute, IN 47809

Goodman & Wolfe
1350 College Avenue
Terre Haute, IN 47802