Welcome to the Office of
Counseling Services

The Student Counseling Center is staffed by the Director of Counseling Services as well as Doctoral students from the Department of Psychology at Indiana State University and students pursuing a Master of Science degree in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Indiana State University.  Doctoral students have a Masters Degree related to psychology and are currently pursuing a psychology doctorate in clinical psychology.  Supervision is provided to Student Counseling Center staff by a licensed psychologist who is endorsed as a Health Services Provider in Psychology.

Our mission is to provide assessment, referral, and brief interventions to assist students in developing personal awareness and life skills and overcoming personal issues. Our services are designed to enhance students' ability to fully benefit from academic and social life at Rose-Hulman.

When you are feeling stress or experiencing any sort of difficult issue, our services can help you find your balance.

Are services confidential?

Yes, communication between a counselor and a student is considered privileged communication and is protected by Indiana Law. However, there are limits to the privilege of confidentiality.

These limits include:
a) suspected abuse or neglect of a child, elderly person or disabled person
b) if you become a clear and imminent danger to yourself or someone else, or
c) when required by law or a court order.

Excluding these instances, you must specifically sign a release of information authorizing us to talk to someone for privileged communication to be shared.

Counseling presentations

Rose-Hulman counselors can also provide guest lectures or lead workshops for campus organizations on any topic related to mental health. Please contact the counseling office as far in advance as possible to allow the counselor to prepare materials.

Our services

  • Individual counseling
  • Couples counseling
  • Group workshops
  • Educational presentations & workshops
  • Consultation

It's easy to make an appointment:
Office hours

Trio1_apptHow do you make an appointment?

Call 812-877-8537
Visit our office in the Union, Room 147.

Trio2_GroupGroup Workshops

Types of groups offered include stress management, assertiveness, and procrastination workshops. Group schedules are typically posted in advance and registration/consultation with a counselor prior to entrance is preferred. Review group workshops.

Trio3_selfhelpSelf-help materials

If you aren't comfortable seeing us directly, please check out the free materials that sit outside the Student Affairs office.