Diversity: Many Perspectives at Rose-Hulman


"Working together with multi perspectives we get a better perspective." -Dr. Particia Brackin

"In our country, more of the exercises may be about knowledge, but in America it is more about the practice or the project.

Aware of the differences, Chinese college students visited Rose-Hulman and worked on projects with American students, studying Rose-Hulman's approach to hands-on learning.  Facilitating the exchange were Professors Jianjian Song, a native of China, and Patricia Brackin.

"Theory without practice doesn't work, but practice without theory is very inefficient, said Brackin. Blending two learning approaches in this way is just one example of enrichment through diversity.

The Diversity Collaborative

Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE)
National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)
Society of Women Engineers(SWE)
International Student Association(ISA)


EJ Oruche
Campus Involvement:
President of Rose-Hulman's National Black Student Engineers; Winner of the Indiana Entrepreneurial Fellowship.


"This is the culmination of what we went to school for."
-EJ Oruche.

Oruche was the electronics specialist on the team that gave 5 year-old Michael Amerman a robotic arm.  The young boy reacted to his new dexterity aid: "Mommy I look like a robotwith this new arm!  Can I keep it?"  Having been part of the arm control's design, Oruche responed, " We wanted it to be fun for him."  As a result, the team included a joystick element in the control.

"The measurement of diversity must evolve from counting those who are visibly different to assessing if the culture is hospitable for everyone. Issues to be assessed must focus not on whether people are different, but rather on how capable individuals are at interacting with others who are different. In other words, diversity is not about counting and categorizing all the people, but rather about making all the people count." Luanne Tilstra




Greeting from Luanne Tilstra
Director, Center for Diversity


Welcome; I'm glad you are here. Keep your eyes tuned to this web page to learn about our upcoming diversity programming.
Please contact me to let me know what you'd like to see here -- I'd love hearing your ideas for multi-cultural programming.


What does Diversity mean to you?

During Freshman Orientation, I asked a group of first year students to answer that question.  They posted their answers on a poster board with colorful sticky notes.  It's on a display rack outside my office.  Stop by and read it sometime.  Better yet, add to it.  What do YOU mean when you say diversity?

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