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Student Evaluation of Instruction (Course Evaluation):

Student Evaluation of Instruction, Evaluation of Teaching or Course Evaluation process is administered by Sarah Forbes, our Director of Data Management and Reporting.

According to the Faculty Handbook (internal document: login required), the general overiew of the evaluation process is described as follows:

”Students shall evaluate each faculty member in each class every term. The evaluation questionnaire is prepared by the Dean of the Faculty in consultation with a committee of faculty and administrators. Questionnaires are made available to students electronically during the tenth week of classes. Questionnaires for laboratory classes that do not meet tenth week will be available to students ninth week. Instructors are encouraged to provide time during class to allow students to complete questionnaires. Student responses are made available electronically to the faculty member after the date grades are due, but not before the grades have been submitted for the course.”

Evaluation of Continuing and Professional Studies Educational Offerings:

Online evaluation of educational offerings by the Continuing and Professional Studies and the Department of Engineering Management is provided through IRPA. Please contact Timothy Chow, Director of Institutional Research for assistance.