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AITU Annual Data Exchange

The Director of IR, Timothy Chow, currently serves as the Coordinator for the Association of Independent Technological Universities (AITU) Annual Data Exchange Project since 1997.

The paper-based data collection process had been converted into a web-based one since 2001. Data collection and reporting processes typically begin in mid-fall and to be completed around mid-spring of each academic year. A variety of institutional data is being collected and shared among the member institutions of this private data exchange consortium. The benchmarking process and data are confidential to members of the AITU.

AITU Mission

Established in 1957, the Association of Independent Technological Universities is an organization of leading private American technological universities and colleges whose mission is to play a vital role in securing the future of American competitiveness in the global marketplace by:

  • Sharing ideas and best practices to advance and inspire creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship within the membership;
  • Recruiting the best and the brightest to member schools by promoting the liberating experiences and rewarding careers that a technology-oriented education offers; and
  • Fostering and advancing excellence in engineering, science and professional education from K-12 onward.