Meet Our Officers


Sanders Park

Picture of Sanders Park


Sanders Park is a junior in the Civil Engineering Department. He became a member of Engineers Without Borders because he wants to make a difference in the world, and EWB gives him the unique opportunity to use his engineering skills to help those in developing countries. He plans to bring his experience from EWB to his future plans of graduate studies in structural engineering and career with a small consulting engineering firm designing large-scale bridges. Sanders also enjoys participating in the steel bridge club, the American Society of Civil Engineers, and the golf team. In his free time, he plays disc golf and intramural basketball, develops his piano and songwriting abilities, and goes backpacking. In addition to his passion for sustainability, wildlife protection, and traveling, he is quite fond of squirrels.





Amanda Sparks

Picture of Amanda Sparks


Amanda, a junior civil engineering major with an environmental engineering minor, joined EWB because she has a passion for helping the less fortunate. EWB is a great way for her to help people while applying the concepts she is learning in the classroom to real world engineering problems. She also loves reading, art (especially photography), and community service. When not studying or working, she can usually be found at some service event around Terre Haute, usually with Alpha Phi Omega. In the future, she hopes to use her engineering knowledge to build water filtration systems and provide clean water to those around the world who still don’t have access to clean water.




Engineering Team Co-Manager

Jordan Kamp

Picture of Jordan Kamp


Jordan Kamp is a Junior Mechanical Engineer at Rose-Hulman.  Jordan is working towards his concentration in the Solid Mechanics Field.  He intends to work full time after graduation.  Joining as a freshmen, Jordan has worked on the engineering team and traveled to Ghana during the summer of 2013.  He will be leading the team that is scheduled to travel in August of 2015 to build a latrine to help the sanitation in the community.  Jordan originally joined Engineers Without Borders because he is passionate for the mission of engineering a better world.  The gifts and knowledge that engineers are lacking in the areas that we work ad these can be used to change and improve lives.  While members gain valuable skills and experience while working in the communities, the end goal is to share what we have learned.

Outside of Rose-Hulman, Jordan loves working on projects.  Whether its building bookshelves and pictures frames or laying floors or wiring light fixtures, he loves to be working with tools and getting his hands dirty.  Another hobby Jordan uses regularly is cooking.  Turkeys, pot roasts, and even soufflés are regular occurrences in his apartment.  Athletically, Jordan loves playing Ultimate Frisbee and Frisbee Golf, which he plays whenever the opportunity arises.




Engineering Team Co-Manager

Andrew Roan

Picture of Andrew Roan


Andrew Roan is currently a junior electrical engineering student, passionate about giving back to the community and helping others. Besides being a Co-Manager for Engineers Without Borders, he is also an active brother of Triangle Fraternity and a member of the Career Fair Team. Last year Andrew severed as the SAWs Correspondent for EWB and helped maintain club growth through local engineering projects. SAWs is an organization known as Servants at Work, which provides wheel chair ramp access to residential homes for those who cannot afford them. Outside of class you would most likely find Andrew in the student recreation center on campus, hanging out with friends, or watching movies.




Fundraising Team Manager

Zhou Zhou

Picture of Zhou Zhou


Zhou Zhou is a freshman computer engineer who comes from Beijing, China. When looking for a club to participate in the fall quarter, he was drawn by what EWB-RHIT had done for the global community and the potential for him to assist this effort by joining the fundraising team. Having led the team to finish EWB-USA Spring Grant, he feels accomplished and ready to arrange more events and fundraisers for the organization in the future. He likes playing a variety of video games on his laptop, but rhythm game is his favorite. Besides EWB, Zhou is also involved in Rose-Hulman choir and Anime Society. He wishes to become a computer architecture designer so he could boost the speed of CPUs to a higher level.




Marketing Team Manager

Karina Colotl

Picture of Karina Colotl


Karina Colotl is a freshman electrical engineering major with a robotics minor. She joined EWB because she wants to give back to the community. She has done community service in other countries before and wants to continue helping people. At Rose- Hulman Institute of Technology’s EWB chapter, she enjoys the passion everyone has to help people and admires the time commitment members put towards crafting projects that will benefit society. Outside of EWB, Karina is programs chair for Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, a member of Society of Women Engineers, and participates in RHA. She’s a member of the Home for Environmentally Responsible Engineers (HERE) program on campus and wants to learn more about how everyone can be more environmentally friendly. As far as future plans go, Karina is looking forward to learning more about what she can do with her major and hopes to work with robots and/or nanotechnology in her career.





Rachel Broughton

Picture of Rachel Broughton


Rachel Broughton is a freshman Engineering Physics major at Rose-Hulman and is a very proud member of Engineers without Borders. She is very involved in other activities on campus including varsity Cross Country and Track and Field and Society of Women Engineers. Her favorite past times besides running are swimming, aqua jogging, listening to Disney music, playing solitaire and hanging out with her best friends. She is also an astounding clarinet player and is a crucial member of the Rose-Hulman band. She is hardworking and strives to be the best engineering physics major there is and let me tell you, she sure is.





Camille Blaisdell

Picture of Camille Blaisdell


Camille Blaisdell is currently a freshman at the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. Majoring in the blooming field of Biomedical Engineering, Camille hopes to one day use her education to work on prosthetics. Camille is a very active rosebud. Engineers without Borders is her activity of choice because she loves to help others, research toilet designs, and strive to make a positive difference in the world. Aside from EWB, she participates in the Society of Women Engineers and is a member of the Chi Omega sorority. Camille is a rather speedy runner; thus, she is a crucial member of the Women’s cross country team, the outdoor distance track team, and sort of the indoor distance track team. In her spare time, Camille enjoys aqua-jogging, intense weightlifting, helping others, attending a cappella concerts, and visiting petting zoos. Camille is a charming, gorgeous, mindful, and fantastic EWB-RHIT secretary.