"The CPSE is an excellent resource for new professors such as myself because it assists us not only with our teaching but educational research projects. It is important that we have a repository of the best practices of our profession. 
In my short time here, the center personnel have provided me with peer assessment of my classroom technique as well as advice on forming a research question for an engineering education paper."

- Carlotta Berry, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor
Electrical and Computer 


Because the main focus of Rose-Hulman is undergraduate education, our faculty are immersed in the day-to-day practice of education. Because Rose-Hulman strives to provide excellent education in an environment of individual attention and support, our faculty ground their teaching practices in pedagogical theory and scholarship, and a number of us advance public knowledge and develop professionally by contributing to the scholarship of education.  

To support our faculty in their efforts, and to further the Institute mission, in 2007 Rose-Hulman established the Center for the Practice and Scholarship of Education of science, engineering, and mathematics students.  

The Center for the Practice and Scholarship of Education's mission is to:

  • encourage and support faculty working to improve student learning and enhance instructional effectiveness, 
  • assist faculty engaged in educational scholarship and assessment,  
  • facilitate the sharing of ideas and practices within the Institute and the larger educational community,  
  • serve as a campus repository for information related to teaching and learning.