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One of the nation's top undergraduate
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Professor John Gardner teaching a dynamic Spanish language class.

The CPSE is located in Moench Hall, room D102

Richard A. Layton, Director, CPSE
Mechanical Engineering, layton@rose-hulman.edu

The CPSE 2009-10 Advisory Committee

Phil Cornwell, Mechanical Engineering. cornwell@rose-hulman.edu

Kay C Dee, Applied Biology and Biomedical Engineering. dee@rose-hulman.edu

Ed Doering, Electrical and Computer Engineering. doering@rose-hulman.edu

Jim Hanson, Civil Engineering. hanson@rose-hulman.edu

Glen Livesay, Applied Biology and Biomedical Engineering. livesay@rose-hulman.edu

Luanne Tilstra, Chemistry. luanne.tilstra@rose-hulman.edu

Julia Williams, Humanities and Social Sciences; Institutional Research,
Planning, and Assessment. williams@rose-hulman.edu