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May 21, 2008


MCj04107870000[1]Congratulations Seniors!

The Career Services office wants to offer our sincere congratulations to our graduating seniors. We are proud of all you have done, and are happy that we have gotten to know so many of you throughout the year. We wish you all much success as you embark on your next journey in life. Feel free to stop by and visit us the next time you are on campus. We love to hear where you went from here!


2007-2008 Data Points

We are pleased to share the following bits of data with campus. We do a lot of work to track our seniors during their last year here and we are impressed by the successful year our students have had.


Senior Progress: Out of a class of 412 seniors, 95% have plans following graduation. This includes 11 students who are entering the military and 83 students who are continuing on to graduate school.


Senior Salaries: Seniors have had an excellent year with regard to salaries. The average offer across all majors is $57,380 with an average accepted offer of $57,822. If you would like to find out specific averages for specific majors, please be in contact with our office or check our website later this summer.


Job Opportunities: From the 385 offers that were reported by seniors this year, 80% indicated that they encountered the job opportunity from on-campus recruiting. This includes our three yearly career fairs, information sessions, on-campus interviews and job postings through eRecruiting.


Top Hiring Companies: Hiring Rose-Hulman students is recognized by many companies as an excellent way to add value to their organization, and the following companies are our top hiring companies for this year:

Caterpillar (8), Rockwell Collins (7), General Electric (6), UOP/Honeywell (6), Beckman Coulter (5), Microsoft (5), Raytheon (5), SEP (5), ADM (4), Cummins (4), Dow Chemical (4), Interactive Intelligence (4), Lockheed Martin (4), Northrop Grumman (4), Rolls-Royce (4), Babcock & Wilcox (3), Burns & McDonnell (3), Cook Companies (3), Eli Lilly (3), Frito Lay (3), Marathon (3), RW Armstrong (3) and Toyota (3).


Seniors Still Searching: Update eRecruiting

If you are a senior that is still searching for the right opportunity following graduation, please be sure to update your eRecruiting profile before you leave. Two key things to update are your email address and your resume. You should use a personal email address not related to Rose-Hulman so that emails can still reach you after IAIT disables your accounts later this summer. Your resume should also reflect any change in mailing address as well as your email address. Any position announcements that we get will be put into the system and if your information is not updated, we will not be able to reach you.


eRecruiting for Alumni

Seniors won’t need to know about this service for a while we hope, but when our alumni are ready to begin their next job search, we hope they will come back to our website and check out eRecruiting Alumni. This is a service we provide to alumni that is a pared back version of the student system we use. Your login information will remain the same as it was while you were here, and you can use it to search for jobs posted to candidates with experience.


Looking Ahead to the Fall Career Fair

Believe it or not, we are already planning the Fall Career Fair. We opened registration to companies last week and already have 54 companies registered to attend. You can watch the list grow on our website as we confirm companies and add their profiles to the company list. Be sure to check it throughout the summer to see who is coming in the fall! The Fall Career Fair will be Wednesday, October 8, 2008.


Fall Co-ops Need Paperwork

If you are planning to go on a fall co-op, or end up making plans to extend your summer internship into a fall co-op, make sure you touch base with Kathy Kassissieh in our office before you do! The co-op program at Rose-Hulman has required paperwork that must be completed before the co-op begins. You can find out more information on our website by clicking here.



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