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April 25, 2008


Full-time & Internship Offer Reports Needed

Part of getting accurate data from us regarding starting and intern salaries is making sure that we have reports coming in from students! If you have not already reported your full-time offer or your summer internship on our website, please do so! Click here for the internship report form, and click here for the full-time report form.


eRecruiting: Opportunities Still Available

If you are still looking for the right full-time, intern or co-op opportunity, make sure you are staying connected to eRecruiting. Every day we are posting new opportunities to the system and every day other opportunities are closing, some with little to no applicants! If you are unfamiliar with the system or are not sure how best to use the search features, please stop in and chat with us. We would be happy to show you the best way to find out who still needs full-time and summer help!


Follow Up is Key with Companies

One of the most important pieces of any successful job search is the concept of follow up. Following up with a company not only keeps you on their mind as they make hiring decisions, but also keeps you in the loop as far as what their process is. If you met with company reps at the Spring Career Fair a few weeks ago, you should have sent follow up emails. If you haven’t, there is still plenty of time to do so. The practice of following up should also be employed after an interview, and also after you have previously applied for a job on their website or emailed a resume and cover letter to them to express interest in their opportunities. Following up lets them know you are interested and care enough to continue to seek them out.


Company Spotlight: Robert Bosch LLC

Robert Bosch LLC is a leading global automotive supplier offering unrivaled global resources. Bosch USA is a regional branch of the Bosch Group, one of the world's largest private industrial corporations, with 261,300 associates and annual sales revenues of $54.9 billion. Corporate Divisions include: Automotive Technology; At Home; and Industry and Trade. In Germany, Bosch has been one of the largest industrial foundations since 1964, when the heirs of Robert Bosch transferred control to the Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH, which is exclusively engaged in non-profit activities.


BOSCH.jpgTwo divisions of Robert Bosch LLC attended the Spring Career Fair on April 9th and they currently have an open position in eRecruiting looking for full-time, intern and co-op candidates! It closes Tuesday and they are looking for a variety of majors, so check it out! Visit their website at


Want More Job Hunt Exposure?

Companies use our eRecruiting system in two ways. One way is to simply post jobs for the purpose of getting resumes of qualified candidates. Another way, for full account members, is to actively search for student profiles and resumes in the system. A company with search privileges cannot see your profile or resume unless you “publish” your resume to a resume book or to the Experience network. Since we do not use the resume book feature, your exposure would come from the Experience network. If you want this added exposure, be sure to fully fill out your profile, update your resume and then under the Documents tab you can choose to publish your resume. Choosing this option means that companies can contact you directly based on the information on your resume, so only choose this if you want to be seen. Alternatively, if you have had contact from companies and do not wish to be sought out anymore, check your profile and resume, and “unpublish” yourself.


Declining Job Offers

Many of you are in the position of entertaining multiple offers, which means that at some point, you will have to decline an offer or two. Unless you know that a particular job is one that you would not take for any amount of money or bribing, you should not decline an offer until you have accepted another. You don’t want to shut off any opportunities until everything is official with the job you are taking. When you do decline an offer, it is best to do it on the phone so they can hear your tone and sincerity, but in some cases email may be acceptable. Be sure to thank them for their time throughout the process and for the offer, and then inform them that you have taken another offer. Be prepared to answer questions about what company you went with, how much they offered you and why you took that job over their job. You can be as specific or as vague as you want, but always be polite while answering. The important thing to remember is that you may not want to work for this company now, but in 3, 5, or 10 years you might - and you don’t want to burn any bridges. If you need more help on how to decline an offer, stop by and chat with one of us. We can help!


eRecruiting Tips Part 2

In the last issue we shared some tips for searching and using the system effectively, and this issue we have more!

·         Have you ever noticed the “Navigator” at the top of your screen when you are logged in? It is that gray bar across the top of the window with several buttons in it and the word Experience. If you click the word Experience, a menu will drop down and if you click the JOBS tab you can search for jobs that are posted to the whole network as opposed to searching just jobs posted to our school! You will still see some of the RHIT jobs, but there will be postings from other sources, too.

·         If you check eRecruiting regularly, you might want to just look at the most recently added jobs. You can do that by clicking the Job & Internship Search on the upper menu and then clicking the first 1-click search option in the left sidebar. This will show you all the latest jobs we’ve added. You can scan quickly to look for your major and apply!

·         Have you ever found the perfect job but the system wouldn’t let you apply because your major didn’t match, your GPA was .02 too low or they were asking for juniors and you’re a sophomore? We can help! We have the ability to apply any student to any job regardless of the criteria. If you know that you have the skills to do the job, be in touch with us about applying. We may ask you to write a short cover letter explaining why you are applying when you don’t meet their criteria, but at least you will be seen.


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