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Feb. 15, 2008


Spring Career Fair – April 9th

Your campus desk calendar might lead you to believe that the Spring Career Fair is not on April 9th, but it is! The date for this event was changed after the calendars went to print this summer, so be sure to mark April 9th from 11am to 4pm as the correct date for this event. We already have 34 companies and 1 graduate school planning to attend. As always you can view their profiles on our website!


Students, Staff & Faculty Visit Boeing

Last Friday nine students from the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Student Chapter (AIAA), ME professor Calvin Lui, Dick Boyce & Bill Foraker of Development, and Jon Bethuram of Career Services participated in a site visit to Boeing in St. Louis, MO. The visit included tours of the manufacturing facilities, and the group was able to see first-hand production of F-15 & F-18 Fighter Jets.  The group was able to meet and network with personnel at Boeing and gain an inside look at their production facilities.




The students that participated were Daniel Carey, Amanda Fellows, Bryan Gardner, Gregory Mitchum, Andy Sowders, Joseph Valerioti, Steven Vande Lune, Joel Westrup, and Chastity Williams. For more information on becoming involved with AIAA, please contact Calvin Lui.



New Career Fair Company List Search Feature

We are always working to improve the way that you can do research for companies that you want to meet at our career fairs, so we have built in a new search feature for our online company list. Now, in addition to being able to sort the list by the majors that companies are looking for, you can also sort the list by the job types they have indicated as well. If you want to find out which CS/SE companies are looking for interns or which ME companies are hiring full-time, you can do that! As always, the list displays all companies by default. Enjoy the new feature!


“Dumb it Down” Might Dumb YOU Down

Many company representatives visit with the staff in career services during the year as they come on campus to conduct interviews and other recruitment programs. One piece of feedback that we are getting from interviewers is that our students are beginning to use a phrase during interviews that the reps feel does not help them put their best foot forward. Reps are reporting that when asked about their ability to work with different groups of individuals for example, many students say they are able to “dumb it down” for other people when necessary. They encourage students to avoid this phrase, as they feel it implies arrogance and superiority. They encourage an alternate phrase such as being “able to speak to all levels of audience”. Just something to think about for your next interview!


An eRecruiting Note…sorting jobs during search

Everyone knows that eRecruiting is the system that we use for EVERYTHING job related here on campus. But did you know that we actually have two systems? We do! One for the current students and one for our alumni. As a current student, you are automatically given an account in the alumni system and it is fully activated upon graduation. Even your login information stays the same. As a current student, you are able to see job opportunities posted to alumni that might be of interest to you now by refining your searches in eRecruiting.


eRrefine.jpgWhen you are in the eRecruiting system you use now, you are able to sort jobs and refine your searches using a toolbar on the left side of the search page. At the bottom of the toolbar, you will see the options that you see here. If you choose the pennant, which should be default, it displays all the jobs posted to the system by our office. If you choose the mortarboard, it shows the jobs posted to our alumni system that require 1 year or less of experience. You can of course also chose to refine your search and include all sources, which then pulls job opportunities from both of our systems as well as the entire Experience network.


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