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Nov. 9, 2007

Co-op Forms and Handbook Updated

If you are going out on co-op next quarter or are reading this from your current co-op location, be sure to check out the new forms that were updated on our website. Every student who goes on co-op is required to pick up a handbook in our office from Kathy Kassissieh, so if you have an old handbook that you received prior to this quarter, be sure to download the latest forms from our website, and stop in and pick up the latest edition of the handbook.


Company Spotlight: OrthoPediatrics, LLC

Part of the role of our office is to establish and maintain relationships with companies that have the potential to hire you. One focus this month has been on biomedical companies within the state of Indiana. Below is a profile of one of the companies that is now onboard with Rose-Hulman:




OrthoPediatrics, LLC is a bio-science company that invents, designs, develops, produces and distributes innovative and anatomically appropriate orthopedic devices for the pediatric patient. Their offices are located in Warsaw, Indiana, known as “The Orthopedic Manufacturing Capital of the World.” Orthopediatrics is known as “The Smallest Company in Orthopedics”, but their goal is to have the largest impact on meeting the orthopedic needs of children. 


OrthoPediatrics, LLC

210 N. Buffalo Street

Warsaw, Indiana  46580  

Phone: 574.268.6379



Highlight Class Projects and Design Work!

Most of you have now created your resume for this year’s search, but you may want to give your resume one more review to make sure that you have not left out a potentially important piece of your experience: class projects and design work. It is easy to overlook those experiences, but being able to clearly articulate on your resume (and in an interview!) what you’ve learned and accomplished with those projects can be important to your success. Paid internships and research are not the only appropriate entries for the “Experience” section of your resume. Significant volunteer experiences and class projects can be just as valid in that area. Emphasize your role in the group, highlight accomplishments from yourself and the team, and note the results and outcomes for the work you completed.


eRecruiting First-Timers: win $300!

As you’ve probably read or heard, all students at Rose-Hulman have an account in our eRecruiting system, which is the main system that we use for managing employer contacts, posting jobs, and scheduling on-campus interviews. Most of you have logged into your account at least once, but if you never have…this message is for you! eRecruiting has a new promotion called “Suit Up – Gear Up – Stock Up”. Any students who log in for the first time between the period of November 8, 2007 through December 31, 2007 will be entered into a drawing to win one of three $300 Gift Cards to their choice of Banana Republic®, the Apple® Store or Barnes & Noble®. An email has been sent to all accounts that have never been accessed, so check and see if you are eligible to enter!


eRecruiting: Primary Resumes Explained

When you uploaded the most current version of your resume into eRecruiting, did you make sure to mark it as your primary resume? On the right hand portion of the page where you review the resumes that you have uploaded, you should see a box that allows you to designate one of your resumes to be your “primary” resume. It is important that your most current general resume is always designated as your primary resume, because that will be the resume that we use when we send resume referrals to companies. If you forget to change the designation for your primary resume, we could potentially send out an older resume for you! Check on that today and make sure yours is ready to go!


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