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Oct. 10, 2007

Co-op Workshop TODAY at 12:30pm

Are you interested in fully exploring opportunities to gain relevant work experience related to your major? Then you might want to check out today’s Co-op Workshop. Kathy Kassissieh, our co-op coordinator, will be presenting information on the Rose-Hulman Co-op Program at 12:30pm today in the Heritage Room of the Student Union. Students are eligible to go out on co-op assignments starting the spring quarter of their sophomore year, so make plans to attend this session if you’re interested in knowing more!


Practice Interview System Helps You Prepare

We are excited to be able to offer our InterviewStream practice interview system to campus as a way to prepare for upcoming interviews and ease any jitters that first-time interviewers might experience. This system has over 1500 questions available to practice with and you can customize a different interview experience every time you use it! You can stop by Career Services to use our system in a private room, or if you have your own webcam you can use the system in your own room! Click here to read more and find out how to make your own account!


Senior Salary Information and Offer Reports

Most seniors on campus are working on their post-graduation plans, and we want to be involved! Whether you plan on going to graduate school, entering the military, or joining the work force, keep us posted on how things are going. Please use our Offer Report Form to let us know when you’ve been offered a job and when you’ve accepted one. Once you have made a commitment with a company or graduate school, we will deactivate your eRecruiting account and update your file with our office. Keep us in the loop and let us know if you need any assistance with your search!


eRecruiting is Key to Successful Job Searches

You’ve heard it mentioned many times, but eRecruiting is designed to be a one-stop shop during your intern, co-op or full-time job search. If you haven’t logged on yet this year, be sure to do so soon. Not only will you need to upload a current resume and update your profile, but you will want to make sure you are not missing the job application deadlines that are occurring every day! You can use the calendar feature to see everything we have going on, including when companies are interviewing on campus and when their Information Sessions are. Next week will be a jam packed week for recruiting on campus, so be sure to log in and see all of the opportunities that will be available to you.


Congrats to our Open House Winners!

Thank you to all of the students, staff and faculty that visited us during our Open House on September 28th. Feel free to stop by if you missed that event. You can take a look around our career library and learn about our services anytime! The two winners of the $50.00 bookstore gift certificates were Peggy Allen (staff) and Jessica Honegger (student). Congrats!


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