Other Resources, Programs and Services:

We have too many services and programs to completely detail here, so we encourage you to stop by our office or check out the rest of our main website. Here are a few things you should discover:

Linked In: This is an excellent resource for students who are interested in networking directly with recruiters and researching companies. Career Services has a group, so create an account, join up and start promoting yourself as a brand!

Workshops: We offer a variety of workshops each fall and winter, so check the schedule and plan to attend a few!

What Can I Do With This Major: If you enjoy your major, but aren't really sure what type of job you can get with it, then check out the links and information in this section of our website!

Career Services Manual: If our website alone isn't enough, we also have a manual you can check out! Drop by the office to pick up a copy, or access it online!

Additional Links:
Other Search Sites
Student eNewsletter Archives
Our Linked In Group
Workshop Schedule
What Can I Do With This Major
Career Services Manual