Football Team Helps Plant Trees in Terre Haute

trees-1(The Tribune-Star contributed to this report)

TERRE HAUTE, IND. -- More than 50 Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology football players and staff helped the Terre Haute Maple Avenue Nature Park receive a makeover on March 24.

The football team was part of a 300-volunteer group from Rose-Hulman, Indiana State University, Walmart South a team of Terre Haute Parks Department employees that worked on the project.

The park has has been transformed into a home for 64 large shade trees, 25 dogwood trees and 21 small trees. The trees sit along the trail to provide shade in the summer.

For more than 20 years TREES Inc. has been conducting an annual tree planting day. Every year the city loses around 300 street trees due to various accidents and weather. TREES Inc. in conjunction with the city of Terre Haute replants about 100 trees a year.

trees-2If TREES Inc. did not facilitate an annual tree planting the amount of trees lining city streets would be scarce.

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