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Dec 31, 1969:

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The Rose-Hulman ASME Club has weekly meetings on campus. At these meetings the club engages in a variety of activities such as professional development (resume, and other technical classes), guest speakers, design competitions and social events. These meetings are the mainstay of the club and members are encouraged to go to them.

Plant Tours

The club also goes on a variety of plant tours to give a first hand view of the real world to its members. The club does at least one plant tour a year although we are trying to bring this number up. In the past the club has toured automotive and other manufacturing facilities. If you would like to see a tour of a specific company feel free to contact an officer at a club meeting to suggest this.


The ASME Club also attends several conferences held by ASME International. These conferences give members a chance to compete in competitions, listen to guest lectures, network with companies, and have fun. In order to attend the conferences you must be a member of ASME International.

Social Events

One of the main purposes of the club is to provide a place where engineers can get together and have fun. One way we do this is through social events such as bowling nights, movie nights, and picnics. In general we have one social event per school term although this is not awalys true. We always have an annual spring picnic to hand out awards and recognize new members.