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Multidisciplinary Minor - Robotics

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The multidisciplinary minor in robotics requires seven courses chosen from one of several tracks. Most students can complete the minor in their four years at Rose-Hulman without overloading.

How do you start?

First, enroll in Introduction to Software Development -Robotics (CSSE120) during your freshman year to gain your first exposure to software development,using iRobot Create® robots.

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Then, select one of several tracks, based upon your interests. A typical track focuses on two or three areas chosen from controls, mechanics, software, electronics, sensors, biomechanics and more.

You also choose electives from courses such as Mobile Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics Engineering, Advanced Kinematics, Wireless Systems, Microsensors, Swarm Intelligence, and Robotics & Teamwork.

In your senior year, you complete a three-term, multidisciplinary senior design project in robotics, working with students from other majors. Design projects from previous years have included a gripper for a pipetting robot for filling vials, a robot to deliver sodas from a machine to faculty offices, a robotic caster system for moving pieces around on stage at a theatre, a manipulator for a mobile robot an automated sorting system and an interactive manipulator at the Terre Haute Children's Museum.

See degree requirements here.