Engineering Physics Objectives
In concurrence with the mission statement of the department the objective of the engineering physics program will produce graduate who will exhibit the following characteristic traits as a practicing engineer.

General Educational Objectives
All engineering physics students will be prepared for initial employment, graduate school, or volunteer service and will meet the following objectives. They will:

Objective A: 

Exhibit strong skills in problem solving, leadership, teamwork, and communication.

Objective B:

Use these skills to contribute to their community and globally.

Objective C:

Make thoughtful, well-informed choice in their projects and career.

Objective D:

Demonstrate commitment to continuous education of themselves and of others.

Engineering Physics Education Core Objectives
Engineering physics graduate will be:

Objective E:

Effective multi-disciplinary engineers/researchers (in their area of concentration) and problem solvers and be life long learner.

Objective F:

Be educated in the principles of sciences and engineering necessary to understand systems in their concentration.

Objective G:

Able to use engineering tools that will allow them to design, analyze, and test systems.

Objective H: 

Able to communicate effectively in oral, written, and graphical communications as needed in a multidisciplinary team.

Objective I:

Aware of the impact of their work in local and global environment.