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Degree Requirements

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The mathematics degree consists of

  • major core and computing courses
  • major concentration
  • senior thesis/project
  • breadth of study courses (electives outside of math)

Major Core and Computing Courses: We offer foundational courses for all students as well as probability, linear algebra, discrete math and real analysis complemented by basic courses in computation, used extensively in later courses.   

Major Concentrations: Mathematics majors choose to complete their program in one of four concentrations:

  • Mathematics
  • Continuous Applied Mathematics
  • Discrete Applied Mathematics
  • Statistics and Operations Research.

The Mathematics concentration provides the foundational mathematical depth of a traditional mathematics major and is intended for students planning on graduate study in an area of mathematics.

In applied mathematics there are two areas: the Continuous Applied Mathematics concentration and the Discrete Applied Mathematics concentration. Students selecting these concentrations may tailor their programs to interface with another major or to enhance industrial employment or graduate school opportunities.

The Statistics and Operations Research concentration is recommended for students pursuing careers in actuarial science, graduate study in statistics, or employment in business, industry or government in a statistical capacity

Senior Thesis or Project: A year long study and research of a mathematical topic (thesis) or an application area of mathematics (project)

Electives:  A large number of free electives make the math program very flexible and supportive of a broad, well-rounded education.


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