Alumni Success

Many successful Rose-Hulman alumni have followed career paths outside of traditional engineering.  Some of them prepared for interesting careers by pursuing a double major, coupling their technical degree with a degree in economics.  Others used a Rose-Hulman economics degree on its own to launch their careers.  Below, some of these alumni share a bit about where they went from Rose-Hulman, how they got there, and how studying economics at Rose-Hulman helped them chart their course.

Nat Bowe  

Nat Bowe
Memphis, TN
B.S., Mechanical Engineering and Economics, 2004
Senior Account Manager, Praxair, Inc.

"While I don't draw supply and demand curves every day and determine buyer and seller equilibrium, I do use those principles and concepts learned in my higher level classes to determine pricing strategies in my market.  Without my technical education, I would not be able to accurately represent the capabilities of our products; without my economics degree, I would not be well suited to manage my pricing and marketing strategy. Both degrees complement each other well and allow me to more effectively do my job."

Nicole Burton   Nicole Burton
Columbus, OH
B.S. Mathematics and Economics, 2011
Commercial Actuarial Analyst, Grange Insurance

"My double major in math and economics from Rose-Hulman gave me the perfect balance of technical knowledge and critical thinking skills necessary to perform my job. As an actuary I use complex math skills to calculate prices for insurance, but it's my background in economics that helps me advise others in applying my calculations to make important business decisions. Some other schools offer specific actuarial programs, but the broader education I received at Rose-Hulman has provided me with skills that other actuaries don't have, making me a more valuable employee."

Cole Dudley  

Cole Dudley
San Francisco, CA
B.S. Mechanical Engineering and Economics, 2007
Senior Product Manager, Gaia Interactive, Inc.

"After graduating from Rose, I was more than prepared for Stanford's rigorous MBA program.  My economics courses at Rose-Hulman proved to be an excellent launch pad for a deeper investigation into managerial decision-making, data analysis, modeling, optimization and problem solving."

Brian Green  

Brian Green
Chicago, IL
B.S., Computer Engineering and Economics, 2008
Head Agricultural Trader, TransMarket Group, L.L.C.

"The Economics program at Rose allowed me take my quantitative engineering background into the world of Chicago's financial markets."

Mike Hatfield  

Mike Hatfield
B.S. Electrical Engineering and Economics, 1984
Petaluma, CA
President and CEO, Cyan, Inc.

"I knew I wanted to someday run my own business.  I felt that it would help me better understand the basics of business and the economics of the firm.  It seemed I needed something more than just my electrical engineering degree.  I learned accounting, supply and demand relationships, balance sheets, pricing strategies, and financial modeling.  I use something I learned in those classes almost every day."

Evan Luscher  

Evan Luscher
Dallas, TX
B.S. Mechanical Engineering and Economics, 2010
Production Group Leader, Haliburton

"Incorporating economics into my curriculum enabled me to apply engineering problem solving to a whole host of business related situations.  I currently work for Halliburton in the Supply Chain Management Program overseeing and managing more than 20 employees.  Every day I utilize knowledge from both economics and engineering to create bottom line financial results for our customers.  Double majoring in economics has certainly proven influential to my career."

Mark McBride  

Mark McBride
Oxford, OH
B.S. Mathematics and Economics, 1975
Professor of Economics, Miami University

"When I started the economics program at Rose I wasn't entirely sure where the degree was going to take me.  I had a sense that economics would allow me to use and apply the rigor of the mathematics that I loved to interesting real world problems … After graduating from Rose I went on to earn my Ph.D. in Economics at Washington University.  Earning my advanced degree in Economics continued to open up doors that I never understood were possible.  By learning to think like an economist I see the world in a different light."

Jeff Papa  

Jeff Papa
B.S. Economics, 1993
Indianapolis, IN
Chief of Staff and Chief Legal Counsel, Indiana Senate

"Rose offers a unique preparation for future careers and education.  The exposure to math, science, problem solving, international experience, and comprehensive exams that only RHIT can provide gave me a huge advantage in graduate school, law school, and in the various positions I have held since graduating.  The professors, administrators and family atmosphere at Rose are wonderful.  I wouldn't trade my experience at Rose for any alternative."