HSS Minors

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Many students elect to add extra value to their technical degrees by pursuing a minor. The Humanities and Social Sciences Department offers 14 different minors in various academic disciplines and interdisciplinary programs. Minors require a concentration of 5 to 7 HSS courses in that area. (NOTE: All minors require taking one additional HSS course, for a minimum of 40 HSS credits (44 in the case of foreign languages).  See the specific requirements listed under each minor.) Minors are indicated on your official transcript upon completion. You will also receive a certificate and an invitation to the department's senior recognition dinner. If you are interested in pursuing a minor should consult with the appropriate minor adviser, listed below.





Paul Christensen


Steve Letsinger

East Asian Studies

Tim Grose


Dale S. Bremmer
Kevin Christ
Jong Hun Kim

European Studies

Andreas Michel


Heidemarie Heeter


Michael A. Kukral


Samuel Martland


Maki Hirotani

Language and Literature

Caroline Carvill


David Chapman

Latin American Studies

Gustavo Garcia

Philosophy and Religion

Daniel Hartner

Political Science

Terrence Casey


Alan Jern


John Gardner

If you are interested in pursuing a minor or near the completion of your program, you will need the following forms:

Intent to Minor Form (for all minors)

Disciplinary Minor Completion Form (for Anthropology, Art, Economics, Geography, History, Language and Literature, Music, Philosophy and Religion, Political Science, and Psychology minors)

Regional Studies Minor Completion Form (for East Asian Studies, European Studies, and Latin American Studies minors)

Foreign Language Minor Completion Form (for German, Japanese, and Spanish minors)