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Who is our typical student?

Many of our students are technical professionals, in the work force for some years, looking to advance their careers.  The careers of our alumni include:

  • Project managers
  • Manufacturing professionals
  • Design engineers
  • Logistics managers
  • Systems engineers
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing site director
  • Human resources managers
  • Utility executive
  • Product managers
  • Independent entrepreneurs

We also have a growing number of full time students who add an Engineering Management degree following completion of their undergraduate technical studies. This adds the dimensions of business and management to their educational foundation.

How Our Students Decide -- M.S., MBA, MSEM/MEM?

Our Engineering Management applicants often come to us after considering an MBA or an M.S. in a technical field.

While the MBA typically provides more depth and breadth in management, many of our students have decided that much of the material in the MBA degree is a distraction from their technical focus. Those who are considering a technical M.S. degree feel that their BS credentials are not adequate for their goals. Those in this group who pursue the Engineering Management degree instead of the M.S. appreciate the grounding in management disciplines that increases their effectiveness in implementing innovations.

They also like the five technical courses that enable them to hone technical skills further, especially in areas like system engineering and quality and supply chain optimization.