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Update on the Rose Civil Engineering Family…

This past year has brought a great many additions to the Rose-Hulman Civil Engineering family.  As previously mentioned, we were all very happy to welcome Kyle Kershaw, Jeremy Chapman, and Dave Devine to the faculty.  However, we were even more excited to welcome two junior "Civils-in-training." Jenny Mueller Price and her husband Josh welcomed their first child in October, Finley Ophelia.  Kyle Kershaw and his wife Valeri are also happy to announce the birth of their second child.  A healthy baby girl, Aspen June, joined her older brother Ethan (3yrs) in November.  Needless to say, the department gatherings are a bit more youthful…and noisy.  Including the newbies listed above, we now have nine youngsters ten years old and under as they join Casey (10 yrs) and Kendall (8 yrs) Robinson, Ethan (7 yrs) and Elsie (4 yrs) Aidoo, and Evelyn (3 yrs) and Nora (1 yr) Lovell.  Please pray for sleep, sanity, and for "Grandpa Sutterer" to keep all of his hair.