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Summer Board Meeting Actions

The Board of Advisors and department faculty met for our summer board meeting on June 3, 2011 at American Structurepoint in Indianapolis.  This year's day-long meeting was convened to focus on how the department fosters learning in (1) sustainable development and (2) public policy and business/public administration.  A variety of activities throughout the day led to the development of a list of 12 action items for implementation this academic year.  Most of the action items have already been or are being implemented.

winter2011-summer board 

Several action items were identified to assure learning about sustainable design throughout the curriculum.  In response, the department has formally incorporated sustainable design into freshman, junior and senior courses, partnered with board members to create some sustainable development case studies, and created a new sophomore-level sustainable civil engineering design course. 

Other action items were created to address student learning about public policy and professional development.  The department has since implemented required professional development hours for all students each year, and identified a requirement that seniors attend at least three public policy meetings off campus as a part of these professional development hours (PDH).  This new PDH requirement has stimulated a lot of good conversation with students about PDHs and lifelong learning.

A third set of action items was to improve learning about business and public administration. Board members volunteered to work with faculty to team teach business and public administration in class, and Dr. Aidoo volunteered to arrange this for the senior year CE450 - CE Codes and Regulations. Dr. Aidoo reports this was successfully implemented this fall quarter.

Thanks to Greg Henneke (CE, '75) of American Structurepoint for hosting us and for inviting sustainability expert Kristen Belcredi of Keramida, Inc. to join us for our summer meeting.