Ecological Systems Laboratory

The Ecological Systems Laboratory conducts education, research, and outreach activities related to sustainable water quality. The Laboratory is a collaborative project between the Civil and Environmental Engineering, Biology, and Chemistry Departments at Rose-Hulman.

JI Case Wetland Project

ecological systems lab

Rose-Hulman students have been studying the chemistry,
hydrology, and biology of the JI Case Wetland for the last several years.
The wetland borders the northern edge of the Rose-Hulman campus and
s located in the Lost Creek - South Fork watershed. Over a dozen students
have spend their summers researching the water quality and biology
of JI Case Wetland.

Lost Creek Restoration Project

lost creek

Lost Creek flows through the campus of Rose-Hulman.
Sections of the creek are degraded with respect to
physical and biological integrity. The restoration project
will develop a baseline monitoring plan to collect data to
support the development of a restoration design and
estoration of Lost Creek.