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Spring 2013-14

Noel Moore Achievement Award Recipients

Noel E. Moore Achievement Award is given to sophomore, junior and senior student(s) at the beginning of each quarter based on the approved criteria considering the activities of the students in the previous quarter.


The Student Achievement Award recognizes students who take initiative in their coursework and demonstrate a strong desire to learn.  The criteria are based on class work, leadership and performance.

Examples include: improvement in class work; reviewing and learning from previous exams; thoughtful consideration of the homework assignments; participation in class discussions; enthusiastic attention in class;  questioning and showing spirit that lends a more open atmosphere in the classroom; and inquisitiveness and eagerness to make the connection between the class and the world.  Special service to the school and to the Rose community through articles and editorials to the Thorn, leadership in SGA, the AIChE student chapter and other organizations also demonstrate initiative in making a difference.

Noel Moore Spring 2013-14

The above students are examples of the many good students we have at Rose-Hulman. The Chemical Engineering Department would like to recognize the good attitudes that these students show towards learning and congratulate Josh, Sarah, and Kala for being great role models.

Joshua R. Hoptry (Sophomore)

Josh Hoptry is recognized for his in-class participation including answering questions and staying focused on the material during class lectures and exercises. In addition, he often starts the homework assignments the day they are assigned and comes by his professors' offices when he needs assistance. Outside of the classroom, Josh is extremely active. He is a linebacker on the RHIT football team and also a student tutor in the RHIT Learning Center, working with students in General Chemistry, Physics, Calculus, and Differential Equations. Congratulations Josh!

Sarah C. Jensen (Junior)

Sarah Jensen is nominated for the Noel Moore Award for her outstanding work both in and out of the classroom. An excellent student, Sarah quickly absorbs complicated material. She asks relevant, insightful questions demonstrating her deep understanding of the topics being taught. Outside of the classroom, Sarah plays for the RHIT Women's Volleyball Team, recently earning a First-Team All-Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference Selection. She is also a member of Chi Omega sorority, Alpha Lambda Delta academic honor society, and Alpha Chi Sigma - the chemistry honor fraternity. Congratulations Sarah!

Kala L. Bogard (Senior)

Kala Bogard is recognized for her careful attention to the material discussed in class, participation and diligently working on the workshop problems assigned in class. She is motivated and works on her homework and projects ahead of time and asks questions that help her fully understand the material. Her reports are neatly organized and well written. She helps the students in her group in and out of class by being an active team member. She participates in extracurriculur activities and is a member of the cheerleading team. She is a caring person and was recently involved in a fundraiser related to that team. Above all she has a good attitude. Congratulations Kala!