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Winter 2014-15

The Noel E. Moore Achievement Award is given to sophomore, junior and senior student(s) at the beginning of each quarter based on the approved criteria considering the activities of the students in the previous quarter.


The Student Achievement Award recognizes students who take initiative in their coursework and demonstrate a strong desire to learn.  The criteria are based on class work, leadership and performance.

Examples include: improvement in class work; reviewing and learning from previous exams; thoughtful consideration of the homework assignments; participation in class discussions; enthusiastic attention in class;  questioning and showing spirit that lends a more open atmosphere in the classroom; and inquisitiveness and eagerness to make the connection between the class and the world.  Special service to the school and to the Rose community through articles and editorials to the Thorn, leadership in SGA, the AIChE student chapter and other organizations also demonstrate initiative in making a difference.

Noel Moore Winter 2014-15

The above students are examples of the many good students we have at Rose-Hulman. The Chemical Engineering Department would like to recognize the good attitudes that these students show towards learning and congratulate Alex, Matt, and John for being great role models.

Alexander N. Bair (Sophomore)

Alex Bair is recognized for his cheerful participation in class, his dedication to learning, and his involvement in the Rose-Hulman community outside of the classroom. Alex serves the Rose community as a Resident Assistant of Speed Hall, and he is the Vice-President Elect of the Rose-Hulman Student Government Association. Congratulations Alex!

Matthew A. Conrad (Junior)

Matt Conrad is nominated for the Noel Moore Award for his hard work both in the classroom and as an undergraduate researcher in the department. Matt's enthusiasm and well-rounded, mature approach allows him to take ownership of his studies and raise the quality of learning in the department. He is an excellent problem-solver, respectful, and a good communicator. Congratulations, Matt, on your hard work and dedication!

John N. Milner (Senior)

John Milner is recognized for the significant improvement in his class performance. He pays attention in class and participates enthusiastically in class discussions. He is always eager to make the connection between the class and the industrial practice. He seeks the opinion and the advice of faculty on topics above and beyond the scope of the class. John gives thoughtful consideration of the homework assignments and is usually one of the first students in the class to start working on the assignments. Keep up the good work, John! Congratulations!



Academic Year 2014-15

The Jean & Myra Boatman Scholarship Award will be awarded annually to a senior student. The student must be in the upper 50% of his or her graduating class and display creativity in problem solving abilities.


This endowment is established to honor the memory of Jean and Myra Boatman. Jean Boatman graduated from Rose Polytechnic in 1947. His education at Rose was interrupted by WWII. After two years in the Pacific with the Navy, he returned to the chemical engineering program. With his came his wife Myra, and the first of their two children. Jean went on to a successful, 34-year career at 3M as a chemical engineer and plant manager. 3M considered him an extraordinary and creative problem solver. Jean always felt his education at Rose-Hulman was second to none.

This year's Jean & Myra Boatman Scholarship recipient is Jose L. Escandon. Congratulations, Jose!

Jean & Myra Boatman Scholarship 2014-15.JPG