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List of Waves Problems
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For a start ...
animation of beats between two wavelengths beats
animate adding CW and CCW rotating vectors to produce a linearly polarized wave circvec
detect a single source with antenna array detect0
phase and group velocity in deep sea waves deepsea
animation of traveling and standing waves stantrav
changing wind velocity w/height can bend waves windbend
wavefronts bend when phase velocity changes w/ height wvbend
And then ...
phase shifting the sources steers a beam! bmsteer
spacecurve plot of circular polarization circpol
detect a radio source by shifting phase of detector array detect1
shows expanding wavefronts in doppler effect doppl
TV picture jumps due to interference from airplane fuzzytv
interference pattern for 2,3,4,15,25 sources interfer
small spheres acting like retro-reflectors license
mirage forms as rays bend in the heat! miragesm
locates approximate mirage position miragecm
dispersion, phase and group velocity on piano wire piano
trace 5 paraxial rays through a 2-lens system raytrace
track 'Red October' underwater with hydrophones redoctbr
resolve 2 radio sources with an antenna array resolve
'ripple tank' plot of four sources ripple
shows rotating circular polarizations, adding to give linear polarization rotpol
plot a single 'rotating' polarization vector rotvec
track a radio source by adding detector outputs traksrc

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