Theoretical Mechanics  (comments to:     

MAPLE/Mathematica/Spreadsheet Resources

For a start ...
  • contact - two masses come in contact via a spring
  • proj - introduction to lagrangians with projectile motion
  • yank - mass suspended by upper cord; yank on lower cord to break lower one before upper one
And then ...
  • bounce4 - a small ball rebounds to a great height after striking a large ball which was released just below it.
  • conserve - check force components to see if they come from a conservative force. Then see if line integral vanishes.
  • cuplosc - coupled oscillator solution, with normal modes
    drivnosc - amplitude and phase response of a driven, damped oscillator
  • eulerAn2 - use rotation matrices to animate motion when one or more Euler angles change in rigid body rotation
  • fouclt - foucault pendulum, with template for students
  • rotspr - rotating mass-spring system using lagrangian
  • table - mass m on a frictionless table w/cord through hole in tabletop to mass M hanging below
  • yankadv - advanced version of yank- no approximations

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