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Maple Thermo/Stat Mech Activities
(Individual Maple files are downloadable here)

'Active Learning' suggested classroom activities

Suggested Activities from the CUPS Project

Download collected Maple, Mathematica, and Spreadsheet files

Self-extracting Maple R3 files for PC.
Zipped Maple files. (Convertible to Mac).
Self-extracting Maple R4 files for PC.
Zipped Maple files. (Convertible to Mac).
Self-extracting Mathematica files for PC.
Zipped Mathematica files. (Convertible to Mac).
Self-extracting spreadsheet (Excel) file.
Zipped spreadsheet (Excel) file.

Download DOS simulations.

These run reliably under Windows 95 if the following precautions are taken

  Boltzmann engine. (User initially selects populations of lowest 3 states of a collection of harmonic oscillators. Program exchanges + or - 1 or 2 in nearby states, keeping total energy the same, and moves in the direction of increasing entropy. As time goes on, the populations of the lowest states (lowest 9 are shown) approach the boltzmann distribution.)
[Executable boltzmna.exe ]   [Batch boltzmna.bat ]

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