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Constitution of the Rose-Hulman Climbing Club


Article I



The name of this club shall be the Rose-Hulman Climbing Club.



Article II



            The purpose of this club is to promote the sport of climbing at Rose-Hulman, to allow people who have never climbed the chance to do so, and to teach the skills and knowledge one needs to become a safer and better climber.


Article III



Section 1: Elected officers


Five elected officers in the Rose-Hulman Climbing Club will be the president, the vice-president, treasurer, secretary, and gear manager.  An individual may be elected to multiple offices simultaneously.



Section 2: Terms


            Officers will be elected at the end of every winter quarter.  The term will begin at the start of spring quarter, and end at the beginning of the following year's spring quarter.


Section 3: Election of officers


A.  The president will set the day of elections near the end of the winter quarter.  For positions needed to be filled due to a leave of an officer, the president will set an election date at the soonest possible time.


B. Potential members for office must be current active members and current students in good standing of RHIT.


C. Candidates for officer positions must give a brief speech on why they should receive the office position.


D. The running officer who receives the majority of votes of the active members will receive the position.


Section 4: Presiding officers


            The president will be the presiding officer at all club events.  If the president is not able to preside or chooses not to, the presiding officer will be passed down in rank: vice-president, executive member.


Section 5: Resignation of officers


Should an officer be unable to fill his or her position, or choose not to and elect to resign, a new officer will be elected at the time following the election procedure in Article 3, Section 3.


Section 6: Duties of officers


A. All officers and executive members are expected to make every possible effort to attend club meetings.


B. The duties and powers of the president are as follows:

1. To serve as presiding officer at all club meetings.

2. To setup all club meetings and events.

3. To represent the club at all club events.

4. To work with the treasurer on the annual budget.

5. To approve all purchases made by the treasurer.

6. To provide a report to be given to the next president.

7. To act as a “safety” officer: to inspect used climbing gear and

to promote safety during the activities of the club.


C.  The duties and powers of the vice-president are as follows:

            1. To assume all responsibilities of the president in the event of his

or her absence.

2. To assist the president in any duties requested by the president.

3. To act as a “safety” officer: to inspect used climbing gear and

to promote safety during the activities of the club.

4. To provide a report to be given to the next vice-president.

            6. To create an annual budget with the president, and give the

request to SGA.

7. To provide a report to be given to the next vice-president.


D.    The duties and powers of the treasurer are as follows:

1.      To approve all club purchases and obtain appropriate re-imbursements from SGA.

2.      To aide the president in composing the annual club budget.

3.      To compose special funding requests with the approval of a majority of the officers.

4.      To keep a record of club finances.

5.      To act as a “safety” officer: to inspect used climbing gear and to promote safety during the activities of the club.


E.     The duties and powers of the secretary are as follows:

                                                  i.                              To record the minutes of each meeting.

                                                ii.                              To take the attendance of all club meetings and functions.

                                              iii.                              To act as a “safety” officer: to inspect used climbing gear and to promote safety during the activities of the club.


F.      The duties and powers of the gear manager are as follows:

a.       To act as a senior “safety” officer: to inspect used climbing gear and to promote safety during the activities of the club.

b.      To retire gear.

c.       To control the loaning of gear.

Note: the gear manager has veto power above all officers to deny any equipment loan.


Section 7: Removal of an officer


            If an active member believes an officer is not performing his or her duties, that member can call for a vote at a club meeting.  If half of the active members present vote for the removal of the officer, the officer must give up the position.  A new officer will then be elected.


Section 8:  Appointed Executive Council


            The president will appoint an executive council as he or she sees fit.  He or she will choose the number of members and assign their jobs as required.  The executive members may be terminated at the president's discretion.


Article IV



Section 1: Regular meetings


            A weekly meeting will be scheduled while school is in session, excluding finals weeks and breaks.  The time of this meeting may be changed by the president to allow a greater attendance of the members. 


Section 2: Voting at meetings


            Any decision brought to the club will be voted on by the active members in attendance.  A majority vote will allow the decision to pass.


Section 3: Special meetings


The president may call any special meetings that may be necessary.


Article V



Section 1: Eligibility


            Any student or faculty of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology is eligible for membership.


Section 2: Active member status


            A member wanting to be an active member of the club must attend one climbing event with the club per quarter. 


Article VI

Loaning Equipment


Section 1: Eligibility to borrow equipment.

1.      Any individual may borrow equipment.

2.      If the individual is a member of the student body then there will be no charge for equipment rental.

3.      If the student is not a member of the student body they must pay a nominal fee to the club in order to borrow equipment.  All rules applying to students borrowing gear will also apply to non-students.

4.      Equipment will be loaned on a first-come, first-served basis to active members and then to non-active members, then to non-students.

5.      Any borrower must agree to all conditions on the loan form.

6.      The borrower must demonstrate knowledge of how to safely use all equipment.

7.      The borrower MUST report and agree in advance to replace any metal equipment dropped while climbing.

8.      Any loans may be denied with or without reason at the discretion of the gear manager.

9.      All equipment must be inspected by the gear manager immediately prior to being loaned.


Article VII

Faculty Advisor


Section 1: Appointment of the faculty advisor


            A faculty advisor who shares the interests of the club shall be appointed by the president, and approved by the other officers. 


Section 2: Duty of the faculty advisor


The faculty advisor duty is to advise the officers on any decision made by the club.


Article VIII



Section 1: Submission of amendment


            An active member may motion to make an amendment to the constitution at any regular meeting of the club.


Section 2: Voting


            A vote of 1/2 of the active members present will allow the amendment to pass.

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