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Record Retention Guidelines


All records created or received by Rose-Hulman employees in the course of their employment are the property of the Institute.

Records shall not be destroyed or disposed of unless the appropriate personnel have determined that the records have no further legal, fiscal, research, or other value or their retention dates have expired. This determination is made by referring to the Institute's Records Retention Guidelines which provides recommended retention periods for different documents.

Requests to destroy documents may be obtained by completing a request and having the request approved by the appropriate Institute personnel.

All departments are responsible for reviewing and observing the Institute's Retention Guidelines   


Administrative Storage 

Administrative Services manages the long-term storage of business documents for the Business Office, the President's Office, Financial Aid, IAIT, and Procurement.  Personnel from these areas should follow the additional guidelines below to store or retrieve items, order cartons, or to review a listing of stored documents.

Record Retention FAQ's

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