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In order to protect Rose-Hulman (RHIT), all buyers initiating a contract or lease should refer to the following guidelines:

Only the President and the V.P. & Chief Administrative Officer are authorized to sign a contract on behalf of RHIT.

Prior to signature, contracts are reviewed by the appropriate departments. 

The initiator should complete the Contract Review Form (paper) or (electronic) and forward to the appropriate reviewer as follows:

  1. Research Agreements, Subcontracts, Grants, or Faculty, Staff, or Student Projects to the Director of Sponsored Programs, CM21
  2. Rose-Hulman Venture's Agreements should be forwarded to the V.P. of Business Affairs/RHV, CM21
  3. All other contracts should be forwarded to the Director of Administrative Services, CM25

A copy of the contract will be returned to the buyer and a copy retained in Administrative Services for reference.

For more details, see the FAQ's on Contract Services.


  • Initiators need to be familiar with the terms of the contract being submitted for review and signature.  Submission of the contract for review implies that the initiator has read and approved the document and is recommending the Institute commit to its terms.  The initiator is responsible for representing the best interests of the Institute.
  • Common areas of discussion prior to approval are:
    • Adequacy of liability insurance
    • Payment terms
    • Taxes and late fees
    • Arbitration
    • The state that governs law must always be Indiana
  • Long-term agreements often include:
    • Auto lease agreements
    • Equipment leases
    • Land leases
    • Maintenance agreements
  • Short-term agreements often include:
    • Sports camps
    • Campus entertainment - While these types of contracts commit RHIT for a lesser period of time, they more often require review for their insurance liability provisions.  A Use of Facilities Agreement must be signed by the performer or agency.

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