The residence hall rooms are furnished with all necessary furniture, curtains, and bed linen. You will provide your own pillow and bedspread (36" x 80" mattress). A blanket will be necessary for winter. The use of electric blankets is not encouraged. Each student must furnish his own laundry bag, towels, wash cloths, and soap.


Students are encouraged to bring their own alarm clocks. Radios, televisions, compact microwaves, computers, and stereos are permitted in the rooms. Color televisions are provided in each residence hall lounge. Telephone, cable TV, and computer network hookups are provided in each room. A television or stereo will necessitate a small cabinet or table. Small compact refrigerators are provided in each room as well. There is storage space in the basement of each residence hall. However, it is very limited.


All rooms are equipped with fluorescent lighting sufficient for close study. Small table lamps may be supplied by the student if desired. (However, halogen lighting is not permitted.) Also available on the lowest level of each hall are coin operated washers and dryers.


To get a brief description of the residence halls use the menu below.