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 Student Government Association

Vice President's Page

For specific questions or if you are interested in joining the Constitution Committee,
contact Ryan Carman

The usual method of taking a vote is viva voce (by the voice). A simple "yay" or "nay."
The other methods of voting are by rising, by ballot, by roll call, and by general consent.
If the chair is unsure of the count by one method, she may choose another.

Abstentions: It is the duty of every member who has an opinion on the question to express it by voting. If a senator chooses to abstain from voting, it must be with the knowledge that the effect is the same as if they voted on the prevailing side.

The SGA constitution defines a quorum as two-thirds of the elected Senators or their substitutes.
In order for any question to be considered, 2/3 of the elected Senators and Senator substitutes must be present.
The only business that can be transacted without a quorum is to take measures to obtain a quorum.

Senator Attendance
Absences are excused only in two cases: if the senator must attend a class, or if the senator sends a substitute in their place.
After two unexcused absences, senators will be replaced.
Communication with the executive officers can only help.

Recognized Organizations
"Each student of the Institute shall be eligible for membership in any recognized organization receiving Student Government Association funds."
Other requirements for funds: Constitution, faculty advisor, approved by the SAC
The procedure for SGA recognition is as follows:

After being approved by the SAC the organization must wait one full academic quarter before it can come before Student Senate to gain probationary status.

Probationary status will then be granted with a majority vote by the senate.

Probationary organizations may ask for full recognition after a two quarter probationary status period.

While on probationary status the organization must find a senator willing to be their club “sponsor”.

For a student organization on probationary status to gain full recognition of the Student Government Association, it must receive a two-thirds vote of the Student Senate.

A student organization shall be required to submit a budget for the two quarter probationary period.

A probationary club must request full recognition no more than two quarters after its two quarter probationary period has passed.

Any student organization seeking probationary club status may only be voted on for probationary club status by the senate two times within one academic year.

Ineligible Organizations
"Church affiliated religious organizations, social and service fraternities, professional organizations, residence hall organizations, and honor societies are ineligible for Student Senate approval." - Article 4, Section 3.D of the SGA constitution

Limiting Debate
Take note of the limiting debate motion, it can be useful in forcing the body to stay focused and productive by imposing a maximum time that should be spent on a given topic.

Finance Committee Recommendations

When the finance committee makes a recommendation it should be taken as a well informed, well researched suggestion. The senate is still obliged to consider arguments made by club representatives.