Classic works:

R. Feynman, There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom (An Invitation to Enter a New Field of Physics, classic talk in 1959):

K.Eric Drexler, Chris Peterson, Gayle Pergamit, Nanotechnology: the Coming Revolution in Molecular Manufacturing (book, chapters online)




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Quantum fuel for future computers

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The present and future of nanotechnology.


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R&D Feature Stories

Home Page of NanoTechnology Magazine

Nanotech Team - Home Page

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News Release - Nanotechnology

The coming revolution in molecular manufacturing : The World's Smallest Motors


Nanotechnology Magazin

Starlab-NanoLab - Special Reports - How Nanotechnology Will Change the World

NASA applications of molecular nanotechnology


Nanotechnology 2020


IAIR: Center for NanoSpace Technologies




Who's Who in Nanoelectronics

World-Wide Nanoelectronics Research

THE Nanoelectronics & Nanocomputing Home Page

Ultra Electronics/ Nanoelectronics -- Related Links


Centre for Quantum Computation - Home Page

Researchers create reversible molecular computer switch

Chemical researchers design molecular computer


Bell Labs Search

Princeton University

Bell Labs: Revolutionary Transistor Design Turns the Silicon World on End

Architectures for molecular electronic computers: 1. (MITRE, July 1999)(*.pdf)

Carbon nanotubes: their structure, properties and uses in nano-electronic devices .


Nano Memory.


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OSTA Home Page

Data Storage - storage device technology and manufacture

Devices and Nanotechnology

Welcome to GoLive CyberStudio

Quantum Online | Storage Technologies & Trends

Quantum Online | Storage Basics

Search Results for 'MEMS-based data storage'

GMR: A Giant Leap for IBM Research

Micromechanics and Nanotechnology

Data Storage - storage device technology and manufacture

MW news release

Nanocomposite CoPt:C films for extremely high-density recording

technology : Memories are made of this




CWRU MEMS Resources

TheMEMS Clearinghouse Homepage

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MTO - Programs - CTAreas

Sandia MEMS: Paul's Vision




COST 523 Nanomaterials Homepage




Nanostructure Laboratory


Papers of Chou about Nanoimprinting

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MLP Contractor Index

Nanometer-scale local oxidation


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Nanotechnology Industries

Brad Hein's Nanotechnology Site

SciCentral: Best Nanotechnology Online Resources

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The International Program Analysis Institute: Other Topics

WWW-VL Microscopy: Nanotechnology and Nanomechanics

NANOQUEST your Nano shop on the INTERNET

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PhysicsWeb - Calendar: Conferences

TIPTOP: Welcome Page FIZ Karlsruhe and STN International - Databases in Science and Technology - Chemistry, Engineering, Physics, Energy, Patent

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Microscopy

NIST Standard Reference Data Products Catalog

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Glossary of Terms Used in Microscopy (Optical)

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Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology:

Elsevier: Publications on nano-science  & technology

Oemagazine, special focus on nanotechnology:

Program on nanoscience (Institute of Theoretical Physics, University of California) and conference on nanoscience:




Startup pursues optical nano technology:

NASA goes nano:


Nanotechnology: A little knowledge...:


Small world, big opportunities:


Nanotechnology: Wired for success:


Nanotechnology: Less is more:


Nanotechnology: Pinning on impact:


Nanomaterials: Top-to-bottom functional design:


Nanotechnology: Carbon nanotubes with DNA recognition:


Nature Physics Portal: Research Collections (see Nanotechnology)


Optics and lasers at nanoscale:


Arrays of nano-sized metal structures can be manipulated to create plasmon waveguides that can be smaller than a wavelength:


GaN nanowire laser emits first light:


Coherent Optical Dipole Coupling of Two Individual Molecules  (Science magazine):


Photoactivated Fluorescence from Individual Silver Nanoclusters (Science magazine):


Phonon-enhanced light–matter interaction at the nanometre scale:


Quantum information processing with atoms and photons:


Single-nanowire electrically driven lasers:


Lasers slim enough for chips:


Nanotechnology: One photon seen by one electron:


Optical emission from a charge-tunable quantum ring:


Pressing optics:


More about research on optics of metal-dielectric nanocomposites:


Electronics and quantum computing at nanoscale:


Nanotechnology: Carbon-based electronics:


Nanotechnology: Electronics and the single atom:


Nanotechnology: A quantum leap for electronics:


Molecular electronics: Nanowires begin to shine


Nanotechnology: Flipping a molecular switch:


High-temperature superconductivity: Quantum salad dressing:


Ultimate physical limits to computation:


Quantum computing: The qubit duet:


Quantum physics: Survival of the entangled:


A silicon-based nuclear spin quantum computer:


Nature physics portal: electronics, photonics and device physics research collection (2002)


Nature Physics Portal: Research Collections: electronics, photonics and device physics (2003)


Mechanics and heat at nanoscale:


Nanotechnology: Synthetic molecular motors:


Nanotechnology: In control of molecular motion:


Nanotechnology: Molecular movers and shakers:


Nanotechnology: Heat flow through nanobridges:


Simulation of double-wall carbon nanotube melting (with movie):


Materials science and chemistry at nanoscale:


Biosynthesis of silver and other nanoparticles:


Inorganic materials: Nanocrystals branch out:


Nanochemistry at the atomic scale revealed in hydrogen-induced semiconductor surface metallization:


Materials science: Nanoscale control of chain polymerization:


Dopant mapping for the nanotechnology age:





Material physics: Research collection 2003: