Rose-Hulman Panhellenic Council



What Is Recruitment?

Formal membership recruitment (FMR) is a time when women have the chance to explore the Rose-Hulman Greek system and consider joining one of the three chapters on campus. About 46% of the women on Rose's campus belong to one of these three groups. All three chapters offer a great opportunity for women to excel academically, improve their leadership skills, participate in philanthropy, and be a part of a wonderful sisterhood that will last them through college and beyond.

Recruitment Guides

Recruitment Guides (Rho Gammas) are a group of eight women who have chosen to disaffiliate from their chapters for the duration of FMR. Comprised of the women from Panhellenic's executive council, as well as five women from the three chapters on campus, they will be a friend and mentor to you throughout FMR. They were selected because they're friendly, helpful, and a great resource about Greek life. Don't hesitate to ask them any questions you may have concerning Greek or campus life!

Meet Your Rho Gammas

Rho Gamma Contact Information
If any of you ever need anything, don't hesitate to contact us in any way!

Rho Gamma CM number Residence Hall Email
Shelby VanHoosier 1526 Off Campus
Lecea Sun 1513 Apartments West
Emily Westerback 1534 Off Campus
Jayme Brace 1638 Mees
Tina Gutman 1922 BSB
Ellie Hong 2187 Off Campus
Ellie Honious 2922 Apartments East
Kayla Storie 1752 Off Campus